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    PHP Yii, CakePHP Expert Needed. Experience in CakePHP plugin is welcome.

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    $30 - $250
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    This is the issue - need this small correction

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    Make a machine sales system Chi tiết về dự án sẽ được trao đổi cụ thể khi phỏng vấn Mô tả Công việc • Tham gia phát triển các web apps cho khách hàng Nhật Bản, Châu Âu • Tham gia xây dựng các giải pháp theo yêu cầu của công ty • Nghiên cứu tối ưu hệ thống • Tham gia các dự án phát triển Thương mại điện tử và Thị trường lớn bằng PHP, đặc biệt là với các frameworks Laravel, CakePHP hoặc Wordpress CMS • Xây dựng API giao tiếp với các ứng dụng web hoặc ứng dụng của bên thứ ba Lưu ý khác Chúng tôi tuyển chọn Kỹ sư đồng hành là Người Việt Nam (For Vietnamese Develo...

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    I have a 10 core 12GB Server (CentOS )and I want expert to install plesk cpanel on that server and perform below points. 1. Bind the IP address to the server and Create nameserver(i will let you know which one you need to create) 2. Configure server for best performance, we'll host multiple sites inclusing wordpress, laravel and cakephp 3. Configure settings and other settings including cache for fast performance. 4. Configure other server settings to better performance, we usually get around 1000-1200 concurrent users at peak time. is it possible to setup for mentioned numbers? 5. Create a document for me to add multiple domain accounts and user accounts assigned to each domain so we can share with our internal team. 6. Install apache/php-fpm/nginx 7. Setup server for mul...

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    Hi, I have a form from where values are posted to server. I use cakephp (Still learning) and I have tried setting this up : I managed to do all the steps in link above and I also manged to create a template. However I have issues with making it work correctly. You need to help me make the pdf generation work with posted values from form. Here is link to form :

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    Hi, I am looking for cakephp expert to run project on my pc. I have guidance for running cakephp , but don't have db sql file. I attached file for setup guidance: if you are interested and can start right now, please apply. (20$/hr)

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    Hi, I have a form from where values are posted to server. I use cakephp (Still learning) and I have tried setting this up : I managed to do all the steps in link above and I also manged to create a template. However I have issues with making it work correctly. You need to help me make the Mpdf generation work with posted values from form. I will only use MPDF. Here is link to form : Please check image for where to find submit button and PDF generation button.

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    I have a working project in cakephp 2.0 and I want to upgrade its cakephp version to cakephp 4.X latest version. Frontend and admin both should be upgraded. Routes should be same. Migration documentations should be follow.

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    We have some puzzle generators on our website. They stopped working about 10 days ago. We identified a cookie issue ( see attachment ), and suspect this is the cause of the problem. Looking for someone to fix this. -------- Also got this information from the hosting company when asked if they can look into it: We have done an investigation in the application and something is wrong somewhere in the PHP code of the project. We applied a PHP header to see if the error would still get through. This one got through, so the error is in the code and not the hosting. x-cacheMISS colorpix-web2 x-cache-hits 0 x-content-type-options nosniff x-test level27 --------

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    Looking for CakePHP developer for our development. Type: E-commerce Structure: CakePHP - Wordpress/Woocommerce More details will be provided privately. Thanks

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    Hello everyone, we are looking for a partner for the development of a simple CRM / ERP WEB-APP. Desired technical characteristics Developed with PHP technology Laravel, CakePHP or YII framework NO PHPcore, NO .NET, NO Python, NO JAVA Database in MySql The platform will be multi-user Admin, simple user, etc ... UI / UX In Boostrap 5 or similar. No Custom graphic ATTENTION: We are looking for a partner who has already carried out this type of work, for this reason, I ask you to apply only if you have a software of this type already developed by you, which we can view before accepting your proposal. Also, if you already have something developed with these requirements, it could be a plus to be faster in development and there will be a BONUS for you, if we can get a DEMO quickly.

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    ...experienced web developer, approximately 20 hours per week, typically 5 days a week Monday - Friday. I'm hoping to work with someone long term (I've been working with my current freelance developer for nearly 10 years). You must be skilled in CakePHP as well as of course HTML, CSS and Javascript. Generally you will be working on your own projects that I give you - I am the business owner and whilst I come from a technical background I am not skilled at coding so I will provide you with the Specifications and Designs. Our main site is built in CakePHP and you will have a range of work - some admin related work, eg adding new tools to our admin panel and some website related work, eg adding new features or custom pages. I prefer to work with an individual ins...

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    I need a Cakephp version 3 expert to look at a 2018 code and fix the issues in it in order to enable set up. There are errors on this old code which require immediate fix but your assignnent is to simply enable access to the APIs and possibly set up the Admin panel. Cakephp version 3 experts only should bid plesse and you nust be ready to start now. Heavy code us ariun 3GB for download. There will be a $7 allowance for selected bidder to cover download cost at end of project.

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    Somos uma pequena escola de idiomas que tem um sistema onde seus alunos acessam seus dados, como notas de provas, dias de aula, etc. Precisamos inserir novos dados em um campo e esta é a razão de procurarmos um programador. São poucos dados, mas dando certo iremos ter mais serviços .

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    Must have 1+ years PHP programming experience - Good understanding of MYSQL and relational databases. - Should have a good understanding of OOPs concept and latest features. - Should have at least worked on WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP - Good understanding of web technologies - Good understanding of front end development HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery - Good Git version control knowledge. - Should be able to code as per PHP standard coding - Providing accurate timing estimates on work. - Contributing to documentation (instructional, pitch, and technical specification) - Good communication skills

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    I have a cakephp website made in 2017 and I would like to update it and make it active and publishable online again

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    We need to add one radio field in cakephp project, very simple task

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    the project related to Unreal Engine, fultter and MODX. if you have any of one specialization then feel free to bid.

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    22 bida

    After a CMS site of mine (made with MODX) was cleaned by the hosting company, a WYSIWYG plugin (TinyMCE) stopped working in the backend of the CMS. I have found the new version of the TinyMCE but really don't know hot to make it work. So If you are interested and have the knowledge to fix it, it's the job for you. The Plugin should give me the possibility to have a WYSIWYG editor (now I can see just html code and the links doesn't work) with capabilities something like in (for example) MS Word ( Bold, Italic, Insert link etc.). (See picture "".) When I enter the CMS I can see in MODX under "Elements/Manage elements/pugins" there is the TinyMCE 3.5.11 but somehow it doesn't work properly. I have found and uploaded in my CPANEL...

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    We have website based on Cakephp 3.8.4 Apache, Tasks 1. Convert Apache Website into Nginx. 2. Set up new Ubuntu 20.04 Nginx Server 3. Deploy the converted website on that. Note All Work need to do Online with Anydesk.

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    I have a custom built, educational image gallery with some generators, running on cakephp. The generators are like a crossword generator, wordsearch generator... I got some mentions from users, that they get a (custom) error 404 page somethimes, when working with the wordsearch or crossword generator. I need someone to look in to this, and fix it. Also the cakephp script needs to be updated. ------------------------------ In the near future, I would need a coder to build a membership section. In that section users would be able to save their generated puzzles and images, edit the puzzles ect... The site is in 9 languages ( using 1 domain/language ) However this is for a next project. But when the currect project is done well, I am interested in cooperation on longer ter...

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    43 bida

    I have a form that needs to be filled out online and emailed to me, also along with that form I need an attachment that the user uploads and also emailed to me. If there is no attachment, the form cannot be submitted and all fields of the form are required. The site framework is CakePHP. When the form is emailed to me it has to be printable and look exactly like the form I have attached. Here is what I would like the pop up to look like. There will be some changes this is just an example.

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    93 bida

    We are looking for an experienced back-end web developer who has senior level skills. You must have a minimum 4 years of experience of working with back-end web development. You must be able to fix 9 out of 10 back-end related issues. Some of the technical skills required for the jobs are listed below. Technical requirements: PHP (Including LV, CI, CakePHP)* SQL* Github and / related version control platforms* HTML* JavaScript and frameworks* Java* Apache Maven SOAP, REST API* AWS, Azure, Google Cloud* WordPress plugin development* *star marks are mandatory Soft skill requirements: Good time management Team work Problem - solving Keep your commitment Additional information: Please submit some of your sample works with the application.

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    22 bida

    I have a working project in cakephp 2.0 and I want to upgrade its cakephp version to cakephp 4.X latest version. Frontend and admin both should be upgraded. Routes should be same.

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    38 bida

    We need cakephp developer required for ongoing Property posting web application. The developer should have experience in understanding existing code and architecture, along with jquery so that he could easily start over in progress development

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    13 bida

    My Project is in Cakephp 3X and I would like to display data in the Bootstrap modal ajax popup as per attached Image. Need HTML of Bootstrap Modal for View Jquery Code Code in Ajax Popup in Controller

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    2 bida

    ...firmware developers. SpringCard Companion is an all-in-one, cloud-connected application, to flash, configure and manage the devices we create and sell. It is up and running on We are looking for a confirmed full-stack developer who could tackle the SpringCard Companion solution from A to Z to complete it, improve it, and maybe refactor it deeply (the current stack is CakePHP+Angular, but we are clearly considering the opportunity of a high-scale reboot if it could make future maintenance and evolutions easier). After the initial discovery of the code-base & context, we have 8 key items in the backlog (and also a whole set of ideas/nice features to be added afterward if everything goes well). The attached PDF explains the context and our expectations. Given the large

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    CakePHP version from 2.2.2 to 4.x

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    1 bida

    Hi Moon WebTech, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    1 bida

    I want to update old site. It was developed by CakePHP 2.2.2 with PostgreSql. I want to update it to CakePHP4.x and MySQL. If you are interested, please ping to me.

    $204 (Avg Bid)
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    19 bida

    I want to update old site. It was developed by CakePHP 2.2.2 with PostgreSql. I want to update it to CakePHP4.x and MySQL. If you are interested, please ping to me.

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    26 bida

    I want to update old site. It was developed by CakePHP 2.2.2 with PostgreSql. I want to update it to CakePHP4.x and MySQL. If you are interested, please ping to me.

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    23 bida

    I want to update old site. It was developed by CakePHP 2.2.2 with PostgreSql. I want to update it to CakePHP4.x and MySQL. If you are interested, please ping to me. Thanks.

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    20 bida

    This project to a 2 pronged project. We at Choice Education Group are looking for someone that can work with our internal team to implement the following thing: 1. SEO and digital marketing solutions 2. Work on Improvement of website (both for the purpose of SEO but also tweaks and other updates) 3. Working with our internal IT team to deliver on updates to our customized system. (...following without compromise and or excuses. Failure to deliver the above and or not complete items to our satisfaction will require termination of this project and any ongoing work. Further detail will be provided to the person that can deliver a proposal and demonstrate abilities and knowledge. Price is not the only consideration on this project. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN NOT CODE IN "CAKE...

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    $5 - $17 / hr
    45 bida

    looking to hire a few php developers to speed my existing team you should be working for 160hours a month dedicated on my project, looking for multiple people. one should know php(core php), codeigniter or laravel or cakephp. Front end: bootstrap and reactjs., pls quote for monthly fee that you need for dedicated assignment of a developer long-term need.

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    48 bida

    I need a core php,cakephp developer for some of my small backend tasks

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    ...strategies, Magento Certified and familiarity with Hyvä Theme for Magento preferable. Tech-savvy - Strong OOP PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, XML, Ajax, CSS skills, REST API's, TDD, PHP, WordPress, Linux (CentOS), SQL, Web Analytics, Redis, JSON, REST, SOAP and Varnish skills; Experience with relational databases (for example MySQL); Experience with MVC, MVVM, or similar development frameworks (Laravel, CakePHP); Experience with one or more versioning systems (GIT, SVN); Familiarity with professional development IDEs such as NetBeans, Eclipse or PHPStorm; AWS (desirable); A good understanding of a good UX of CMS systems; Creative mind - Architect and propose Custom Magento 2 extensions based on clients’ specific needs Seeking perfection - Perform quality, security,...

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    Hope to integrate Android Chat Signup/Login with CakenPHP based SNS website. () - At present, Android chat is based on Firebase. - We prefer User database be integrated at Website side. - Following Signup/login APIs are already developed for app version of above website. So, some of them can be used for Chat app integration. - Current chat app will be posted via Inbox. Front parts would be required to be modified as in attached pptx. - Freelancer who have Web chat/app chat integration experience would be hightly welcome.

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    27 bida

    Hope to develop customized Zalo Android Chat app developmet from Zalo SDK is required. We had posted another task -Zalo Web chat installation & customization from Zalo web sdk. Freelancer who can do both of Tasks is preferred. Minor customization & integratition with Cakephp based SNS website will be followed. You can see Zalo SDK at below page

    $196 (Avg Bid)
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    28 bida

    We hope to install zalo web chat, and, integration with our cakephp based SNS site. Then, minor customization is required. As posted in many website, Zalo is Vietnamese Chat, and, SDK is available And, you can see web zalo, Freelancer who experienced Zalo web already would be highly welcomed.

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    21 bida

    We had an old farily CakePHP&Wordpress website and its codebse. The site was deployed to AWS. So I was going to hire someone who can upload the site. All of freelancers I hired said there was no sql in codebase, But nobody could download sql from AWS Need a help from a real AWS expert. Thanks.

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    26 bida

    We currently have a website for the Australia & New Zealand market ( & ) in the CakePHP (php framework) platform and We're maintaining up with a massive database and a highly structured back-end CRM admin panel. We require a highly qualified team to thoroughly explore each and every function of our website, as well as the coding, and provide website standard maintenance support for our website. Both of our websites are similar in terms of structure and everything, with the exception of a few dropdowns and location pages that differ depending on the country requirements. Our back-end primarily manages four module-specific databases. • Job Management • Candidate Management • Client Management • Contact Management One of the main functions of our we...

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    101 bida

    Registration from and Login page. This is at the MODx server and we want to us PDO or PDOx instead of mysqli

    $174 (Avg Bid)
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    35 bida
    MODX Developer Tamat left

    Hi I need a MODX developer who can work with me on multiple tasks. Thanks

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 bida

    We have a fairly old site deployed on AWS. We are upgrading to the latest WordPress. I posted it several times, but couldn't find any proper developer. They couldn't run the codebase on their local host. All db is on AWS, so right developer must use db on AWS without download. We never want to lose any data from current database. If you are a right person, you have to run the codebase on your local. If I found him here, will pay $10 instantly. And I will hire right person with high budget afterwards. Thanks.

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    41 bida

    I have a fairly old website built in PHP/MYSQL in 2008. I guess it is CakePHP. I have the codebase. As I have close-to-zero knowledge on that, What I want first is to run this site on my local host. Then I want to just replace goolge plus and youtube link with linkedIn and Instagram. Will provide the full codebase to right person or remote details. Thanks.

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    18 bida

    Hello. I have a upgrade my CakePHP version from 2.2.2 to 4.x. If someone is interested, please ping to me. Thanks.

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    28 bida

    Tengo un sitio programado con Symfony/CakePHP Quiero hacer una integración para conectar con otro sitio web

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    12 bida

    Drupal DEVELOPERS Position: Drupal Developer (SENIOR) Experience:9+ years commercial experience in PHP/Drupal DEVELOPEMENT, Mandatory skills: OOP skills, PHP with Drupal experience – Mandatory D9 Project experience Should know (bonus) : (like Symfony2, Laravel, Code Igniter, CakePhp or React) Role: Individual Contributor

    $2651 (Avg Bid)
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    9 bida