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    Hi, saya mahu buat software untuk marketplace shopee malaysia untuk auto follow, auto unfollow dan auto boost.. Kemudian sistem ini menggunakan code generator untuk subscribe secara bulanan

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    Automated chord generator web application project.

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    - Mengatasi segala kerusakan genset 1 s/d 1000 kva - Perawatan genset 1 s/d 1000 kva

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    Aplikasi Web based untuk membuat mobile landing page. Tujuan aplikasi agar orang yang tidak mengerti bahasa program bisa buat sendiri Mobile landing page dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini. Konsep aplikasi bisa dilihat lampirannya. Dibawah ini keterangan konsep aplikasinya: Mobile Landing Page Generator 1. Save button akan generate URL, like 2. url will be stored at the username's account & can be edited 3. Gold membership can create up to 10 url Platinum--20 url Titanium--30 url 4. Admin can manage all usernames membership, terminate or extend. if the membership is terminated automatically the url will be deleted/offline.

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    ...can be removed then please do so if not needed. 5. Adding option for sitemap for other countries HREFLANG? I want to ask if there is an extension or something that I do not know of that will create a choice for the user based on browser in English. I have an option in that SEO to use (hreflang - so site map creates option for other countries - like ca/au/ (I have currency set there but disabled for those two countries)- but in English since I had Russian once on that site and it was a mess. I could not save any page since it asked me for Russian H1, H2, H3 - and when I tried to save it I could not. So I guess I keep English but I would like if possible something easy that will redirect user to the site - and create sitemap with au - Australia ending or ca-canada ending. (...

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    Open source code for Discord Software for inviting that is maintained and updated regularly: Also create Discord tokens using a tool similar to to use with the inviting software: You will create Discord Tokens then use them with the tool.

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    Open source code for Discord Software for inviting that is maintained and updated regularly: Also create Discord tokens using a tool similar to to use with the inviting software: You will create Discord Tokens then use them with the tool.

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    We need to produce editable AutoCAD permit drawing sets We are an Electrical Contractor, and the bulk of our work is Emergency Backup Generator Installations. There are a limited number of details that fit most of our installs with project-by-project variations. Our Goal is to produce highly Professional looking plan sets and to build a library of details that can be utilized as needed. We have AutoCAD LT, but do not have the skills to produce detailed drawings. I also do not think it the best use of my time. I will send a Zip file with a typical set of permitting drawings

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    Open source code for Discord Software for inviting that is maintained and updated regularly: Also create Discord tokens using a tool similar to to use with the inviting software:

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    nft artwork 6 hari left

    Hello, I am looking for a professional NFT random image generator. I have all the designs ready but I want to generate them with metadata.

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    I need a token made on the Algorand Smart Chain. I need the token to be minted and available on the Binance Platform possibly using this:

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    2 bida looking for a developer to create a graphical form based Create, Read, Update, delete (CRUD) generator for a vue Laravel admin theme based on bootstrap. or this (this one is not Vue) along with the ability to create modules but with some addition or changes using a new theme We can even provide Laravel Vue JS system for structure with CRUD for which a CRUD generator can be created. We can even refer to GitHub project to get started. We will also provide an Admin theme for design. Visual and code-based form editor (with variety of fields, validations, joins/relations, event triggers). CRUD or project generator should generate Laravel Vue JS modules or clean code (modular structure adhering to good programming

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    A code that reverses the output of a 8bit pseudo random number generator and gives me the next number in the random sequence Lets say I have six intergers (5, 86, 213, 31, 156) the program can predict the next (7th) number

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    ...Lambda, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk) - Github - Version Control (Repository) - Cloudinary - SaaS - Stripe - Payment Processors - NGinx - Ubuntu - Django Python - Html, js, css 3, sass - React; ; Element UI: Javascript Frameworks - ; Express - Webframeworks - , Pollyfill, Preact, Web-vitals, JQuery, , - Javascript Libraries - Next - Static Site Generator - Nginx; Envoy - Reverse proxy - Optimizely - A&B Testing - Nginx; - Web service - Ubuntu - Operating system - Algolia - AI-powered search and discovery platform - Node.js - Programming Language - Webpack - Miiscellaneous - Sentry - Issues tracker - Jenkins - Automation server. - Swagger UI - Rest api documentation tool - Datadog - Firebase - Geo Location - ip-api - Postman

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    it is required to implement triangle wave generator circuit using simulink.. it contains 2 parts first is rectifier to rectify the input sine to smoothed dc signal then inverter to generate triangle ac wave with adjustable amplitude and frequency..

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    Hi, I am running and IT company and providing all kind of Infrastructure Management and Software Development. I am looking for someone to generate leads. I would like to have % sharing the the person who generates leads for me instead of pay per lead.

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    Hi, My business type is a B2B business. I offer Desktop software development and support services for businesses. My audience is usually company owners, business partners, managers. My company is located in a city, but I want to be able to offer my ser...also try a different SEO management software other than AIOSEO, but you should be able to know about it as well as able compare it with another product. You must know about followings in order to make necessary adjustments; Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, install the conversion tracking tag, global site tag and an event snippet, update , site map and Post Types appear in the sitemap, Taxonomies. In addition, you need to be able to configure the Bing Web Master tools for the website. Thak you for your interest and offers.

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    Hi Ahmed8033, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need td1 mrz code generator

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    Need a 1 page infographic to our page specs - must be original design (no using an infographic generator , we can do that :) ). I will send info, pictures, and logos and your job is to make it look interesting. Max Budget $65

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    Looking for a developer who is able to create like this website : Need a cloning 100% the same. - You have to understand what's an NFT generation Basically just taking layers and mixing them ( layer = PNG files ) then generating a new file of the two PNG file. See the website before you apply.

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    This is not for WordPress!! I want a GUI tool that basically can do what hugo or jekyll can do. It's hard to explain so it's best that you understand how these two tools work (they work very similarly). The idea is to have a GUI tool that allows me to build a website, create new blog posts, pages, etc and then have the tool compile the pages for download. A later option would be to compile the pages and send them to the cloud, github or some other option.

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    Website with WordPress with mostly static pages. There are few calculators and an API call based on what the user selects from the drop downs and/or enters into text boxes and the logic of the calculators as well as the details of the API request and response will be provided to the freelancer. All pages including sitemap as well as fonts, their sizes, color codes etc.. are available on figma which will be shared through private message on freelancer for security reasons.

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    I don't want your resume. Please read the job description and reply based on that. I will only hire people that read the job description in detail and understand the project. I'd like a GUI tool created (desktop app or web-based) that allows me to build custom web pages/websites then generate static files. Similar to tools like hugo, gatsby, and jekyll but with a GUI. I find these command-line tools confusing for someone that wants to build custom static websites. I don't need a CSS or HTML editor but a tool that will dynamically add menus, new articles, header, footer, category pages, and so on. Instead of listing all requirements let me walk through a workflow. 1. In GUI create a new project 2. Define my own theme with header and footer, sidebar (if needed). This is b...

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    currently have a meme generator on my website.. it allows me to add jpeg templates... i want to be able to use .gif files instead... but when i save it, it saves as jpg file. i need it to save gif only. please analyze code below and let me know if u have the skills for this. code: /** * Process image * * @param str $img the file input name. * @param int $post_id the post ID (with 0 there is no post attached). * @param str $post_title the post title. */ public function mememe_process_image( $img, $post_id = 0, $post_title = 'meme###' ) { if ( ! $img ) { return false; } if ( ! function_exists( 'media_handle_upload' ) ) { require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/' ); require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/...

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    Here is a small description of my project: My project relates to building of economic scenario generator. I will be providing four different variables, namely, Inflation Rates, Long term interest rates, S&P 500 Returns, Dividend Yield. First task is to compute statistics of each variable and build a time series model for each variable that best fits the data. I would like to start with AR(1) model for each component. Next, check for heteroscedasticity and correlation between the components and update the initial model accordingly. Once everything has been analyzed and the model has been built, check if the model is fit for the historical data provided. This is the first part of the project. The next part of the project, relates to simulation of future paths using MCMC algorith...

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    Hello, freelancers. I need to python generator that decryption data. if you have experience . please. bid

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    I'm looking for an individual who will be able to make an api that will create a user profile and generate text responses from a few key words based on whats stored in the users profile. For example. if the user has the word turkey, Sandwhich, blue cheese, and billy bob an endpoint is hit like /get-response?text="What is your favorite holiday?" The response would be "my favorite holiday is thanksgiving.". This handles only responses and text breakdown. The endpoint can take any number of word combinations at the moment. Only targeting english at the moment. Think Alexa or Echo. The text should be broken down per word in a tree like fashion to detect what could possibly be the users real meaning. It doesn't have to be perfect. This is to be written in NODE...

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    A 36x 36 grid populated with colours according to a random number generator from 1-36 for the y axis and following the sequence 1 to 36 along the x axis. Coordinates are hit more than once so the order of colour is as follows: blue: 1 hit Orange: 2 hits Red: 3 hits Magenta: 4 hits etc. The process can be 0.5 secs between hits. The process can be paused, reversed or fast forwarded

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    I'm finding someone who can write an article about 1500 words for me. The topic is solar generators. It's long-term cooperation, if you can do this, please contact me.

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    1. Page speed score issue 2. Website banner Image is not responsive in smartphone devices. You are serving images that are larger than needed for the size of the user's viewport. 3. Kindly remove this unnecessary button from the page: 4. Kindly add an HTML sitemap in the footer. 5. Kindly prepare one new "thank-you-for-inquiring" for product form button tracking, please check. For product inquiry form tracking 6. 404 Page contains internal links of the homepage, about us etc are not working. 7. Give relation rel="nofollow" tag to this external link:

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    I need a php based project that will have the following functionality: - Connect with a database (e.g. MySQL) - Load all the tables and select which tables to manipulate - Create a CRUD API for each table. In case we have other tables connected we need to make the relative connections (eg orders and order items tables) - Authenticate with JWT in order to be able to execute the functions - Create the relative documentation on the fly

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    i need someone who is very well verse with javascript and make a generator in python You must know how to revser decrypt and encrypt as well as read javascript well Only message if you are javascript and python professional and can reverse xkasadax well

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    I want to create a generator where High School athletes can put in their stats and, college athletes and College team's stats will pop up that align with the stats the high school athlete placed in the generator the stats can be pulled from the NCAA Stats website or the school site itself. I have uploaded examples below of what I am looking for and how I want the layout to look, and the fields required for each sport for the generator to work properly. This is a very serious project and I am looking for someone who genuinely understands what I am looking for and trying to do.

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    $750 - $1500
    6 bida

    Hi, I have a Linux server and I need a script that will take some parameters (like URL, Text, Etc) and create a QR code based on that. Typically the application will use a URL, foldername as input and then generate a QR code and save the image to the foldername specified. This would be a quick project. Let me know if any questions

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    SEO project 9 jam left

    ...SEO on my website. Budget $170.00 per month Tasks required: Website Audit Content Plagiarism Check Penalty Protection Competitor Research Keyword Research Keyword Mapping Internal Page Analysis 5 to 8 Title Tags Optimization 5 to 8 META Description Optimization 5 to 8 Heading Tags Optimization 5 to 8 Images Optimization Content Optimization Canonicalisation/301 Redirect* Creation Sitemap Creation Mobile Friendly Test Page Load time Test Schema Markup Analysis 0 Page Speed Analysis 0 Google Search Console Setup* Google Analytics Setup & Integration* Google My Business Page Setup & Verification Google Business Page Verification Local Business Directory/ Citations 3 Local Business Citation Audit 3 Search Queries Report Keyword Rank Report Monthly SEO Performance Report P...

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    Need a 1 page infographic to our page specs - must be original design (no using an infographic generator , we can do that :) ). I will send info, pictures, and logos and your job is to make it look interesting. Max Budget $70

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    SEO for magento websites 1 jam left

    We have some Magento websites. We want SEO manager who should be aware of Magento sitemap creation to submission , and other SEO strategies for Magento websites. He should have experience of same. Work will be done on the basis of action plan and monthly report need to be submitted. Please provide title Magento SEO in your bid. Read my requirements carefully.

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    Hi there I would like to create neon sign generator for a Shopify website preferably using Shopify's Custom Product Builder. I am creating an online custom LED neons store on Shopify. My competitors have amazing apps on their online stores which allow the customer to design their own neon sign. They can choose their own text, font, colour, size, backing styles, and then the app would quote them an accurate price. I have attached the step by step process to create the generator on Shopify's Custom Product Builder

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    Social Media and Bookings App 23 hari left

    Looking to build a social media insights app with bookings want to be able to view insights from instagram based on followers. want to be able to have a caption and hashtag generator, when to post best time to post etc.. want to be able to see users who don't follow me and engage with my page want to be able to post a listing or venue for influencer services

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    8th Points 3 hari left

    • Add plug-ins for calendars, bookings and payments as instructed • Upload any changes to layout, the content, images, photos • Create Sitemap Test website rendering across the latest 2 versions of the following browsers: • Google Chrome • Firefox • Safari • Internet Explorer/Edge Mobile Browser Testing latest version of mobile operating systems for: • iOS • Android • Connect to Social Media Accounts Create XML Sitemap • Website verification and connect to Google and Bing Webmaster and Analytics Tools • Submit Sitemap to Google and Bing • Run Google check for website errors • Add code for analytics, remarking and conversation tracking where necessary • Create Google and Bing accounts • Conf...

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    This project consists in building an automatic 3D animation considering the following inputs: • 3D terrain file (x, y, z) • 2D terrain_type file (x, y, terrain_type) – predefined terrain_types examples: dunes, crops, rocky, urban, swamp, river, road, sea, forest, etc. • Animation_log (timestamp, x, y, character_type, action) – predefined actions examples: move, work, standby The output would be: • 3D animation with a conceptual 3D representation of o each terrain type o each character_type and its actions • Camera track to be discussed We would define the list of terrain_types, character_types, and actions (each action would trigger a simple cyclical animation of the character). I am familiar with python and would love to have the soluti...

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    Web scraping Tamat left

    i need to scrap all the businesses stored in and the all info in each link except from the products

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    12 bida

    We need a modern, clean, easy to use square space...that includes 10 pages Is completed by December 1 st 2021 includes mobile, tablet use Unlimited Unique Pages Website Conceptual and Dynamic Website Content Management System (CMS) Mobile Responsive Easy Product Search Product Reviews Unlimited Products Unlimited Categories Full Shopping Cart Integration Payment Module Integration Sales & Inventory Management Jquery Slider Free Google Friendly Sitemap Custom Email Addresses Complete W3C Certified HTML Facebook Page Design Twitter Page Design YouTube Page Design Instagram Page Design Complete Deployment Dedicated Accounts Manager 100% Ownership Rights 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Unique Design Guarantee 100% Money Back Guarantee I have content, pictures, logo, tag line, doma...

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    ...scroll down to the anchor (such FAQ section) and expand it. - not responsive - no multilanguage - all graphics available in high res/svg (will be sent before start, no graphic design needed) Design: see file; will be available with Figma. Final version will contain a bit more content and a few graphics in the text (provided) but no extra pages or different page structure/complex elements. sitemap: + home (4 boxes with info to click to select between 4 sections; - DESIGN 001 ++ section "Bindung" (2 links to tests) - DESIGN 002 +++ test page 1 (-> execute -> add links) DESIGN 006/7 +++ test page 2 (-> execute -> add links) DESIGN 006/7 - section "Standards" (2 links to testsk) - DESIGN 004 +++ test page 3 (-&...

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    Hi there, I need someone to design something e.g. website that can generate targeted leads for my business I sell the following products in south africa - Medical aid - Life Insurance - Investments - Car and Home insurance - Will Drafting - Estate planning

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    want to build a plugin that add a string at the end of WordPress post/category URLs like below example string could be random letters or numbers. string should not be saved in database and should change with new string after 24 hours. when any bot crawl website string should not be display, means for crawler bot URL should be always same, string should not show in sitemap, Good Luck Skills Required

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    25 bida

    Use divi to build an ecommerce website based on a sitemap and wireframes that will be delivered in PSD. Please submit a price range to continue. An indispensable requirement that is in Divi + WooCommerce, we deliver the template. 2 languages

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