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This description should be read in html because it contains Thai text not displayable in this post. see the html version at [url removed, login to view]

I need a flash/actionscript3.0 app for teaching the Thai language. This is a description of the application.

The application will be based on a core set of English sentences with their Thai equivalents and some English explanation text. There will be a total of about 1000 sentences; each will have English text, Thai text and Romanized Thai text for people who can’t read Thai script yet (more details on this later). Each sentence will also have an audio clip. I will finish the application by entering the 1000 or so sentences and audio clips; I will provide 10 or so sentences and audio clips for development and testing.

The first phase of the application is primarily for teaching sentence structure. There will be a few different ways of doing the Q&A but they will likely all involving dragging and dropping words in the correct order. Here is an example [url removed, login to view]

There will be about 10 lesson modules (a module is like a chapter), each module covering a grammatical element of the language, for example, tenses, questions, etc. I only need one module, I will create the others using the first as a template, however, all the of lesson text for the module should be in a seperate file with little or no action script, so it’s easy to copy and make a new module.

I see the application following a format like this:


This screen shows some setup questions that control the behavior of the lessons and quizzes.

Skill level (radio buttons): beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Thai text style (check boxes): “show Romanized text” “show Thai text with spaces”.

The use of these will be explained later.


This screen shows introduction text describing the module. For example “Questions are formed by appending a question word such as mai, nai, a-rai, etc. to the end of a sentence. There is no direct equivalent of yes or no in Thai, answers in the affirmative are formed by repeating the verb”, etc.

Then there will be a list of the sections and each section will have two buttons “lesson” and “quiz”.

For example:

Yes/No questions Lesson Quiz

Confirmation questions Lesson Quiz

Questions words (what, which, why, etc) Lesson Quiz

There will also be a few buttons on the bottom this screen, “setup”, “exit”, “module quiz”.

If the user selects a lesson go to step 3 below. If the user selects a quiz” go to step 4 below. If the user selects “module quiz” the effect will be similar to a section quiz but questions can be randomly taken from any part of the module.


A lesson starts with an introduction text like “YES/NO QUESTIONS. There are four ways to form questions answered by yes or no.”

After the lesson intro, we get the lesson. We will be shown a few examples such as this:

Where is he going? [speaker icon]

เขา จะ ไป ไหน [speaker icon]

khaoR jaL bpaiM naiR

The first sentence is obviously English.

The second sentence is Thai (hopefully it displays on your screen). Note that Thai is normally written without spaces between words. In the source file we will add spaces between Thai words so the words can be displayed separately for the quiz section. If the user selected “show Thai text with spaces” on the setup screen, the text will display like this. If the unse unchecked “show Thai text with spaces”, the text will display like this: เขาจะไปไหน, i.e. no spaces between words. Each thai word has a hyperlink. I will provide text like this: "<a href='[url removed, login to view]'>เขา</a> จะ ไป ไหน<br />". If you set the htmlText property of the text area it will handle it.

The third line is Romanised text. Note that the last letter of each word, the upper case letter, needs to be displayed superscript. Please visit [url removed, login to view] and type something, say “going” in the search box. You will see how the Romanized text should look. In the action script file, you cannot enter superscript directly. The last character of the romaized word will always be either, "H,F,M,L or R'. you will need to display this chracter as superscripted. Note that this line is only displayed if “show Romanized text” on the setup is checked. I already wrote a text program to do this, here's the code:

var myText:String = "";

myText += "Where is he going?<br />";

myText += "<a href='[url removed, login to view]'>เขา</a> จะ ไป ไหน<br />";

myText += "khaoR jaL bpaiM naiR <br />";

var _R:RegExp = /R /g;

myText = [url removed, login to view]( _R, "<font face='GG Superscript'>R</font> ");

var _M:RegExp = /M /g;

myText = [url removed, login to view]( _M, "<font face='GG Superscript'>M</font> ");

var _L:RegExp = /L /g;

myText = [url removed, login to view]( _L, "<font face='GG Superscript'>L</font> ");

var myTextArea:TextArea = new TextArea();

[url removed, login to view] = myText;

[url removed, login to view](640, 480);

[url removed, login to view](10, 10);

[url removed, login to view]("textFormat", txt_fmt);


you can get the font "GG Superscript" from [url removed, login to view] Note that this font needs to embedded in the app, i do not want my users to have to download and install fonts.

Clicking on the [speaker icon] (actually, will use a loud speaker icon) following the English text will play back an audio file called “Where is he [url removed, login to view]” or whatever format is most convenient for flash. Similarly clicking the speaker icon following the Thai text will play back the Thai audio file “เขาจะไปไหน.mp3”. There should be no long delay playing back the audio. See [url removed, login to view] for an example (press the triangle shaped play button). I’d like it to work like that, i.e. not open an external player.

There will be several example sentences like this; each of these screens will have a “next”, “back”, “quiz” and “setup” buttons. At the end of the sentence examples, there will be buttons for “next lesson”, “quiz”, “setup”, “module menu” and “exit module”


At any point, if the user hits the “quiz” button, it will go to quiz mode. This is how quiz mode works.

The quiz functions depend of the skill level selected in the setup screen.

For beginner level, an English sentence is displayed and the Thai words from that sentence are shown in a random order like in [url removed, login to view] The user must drag and drop the words in the correct order from the word list into the answer line. Clicking on a speaker icon next to the word will play the audio file of the same name. If the word is dropped in the wrong place it will display in red after all the words have been moved. It will be possible to move words after they have been dropped into the answer line. When the answer line is formed correctly, a next button will be activated. There will be a speaker button next to the answer line, press to play the audio clip for the completed sentence.

If “show Romanized text” on the setup screen is checked, The Romanized equivalent of the Thai text is displayed next to the Thai text.

For example, the question starts out like this::

Where is he going?

_______________ [speaker icon]

ไป bpaiM

เขา khaoR

ไหน naiR

จะ jaL

And the final answer will look like this:

Where is he going? [speaker icon]

เขา จะ ไป ไหน [speaker icon]

khaoR jaL bpaiM naiR

Remember, the capital letters M,R and L at the end of the Romanized text must be superscript.

Intermediate level will be similar but 3 random Thai words will be included in the list. These random words can be pulled from any other sentence. Advanced level will have 10 dummy random words.

There will be a scoring system. If you get the words in the correct order the first time, you will get 100%, every reorder will loose you 10%. The scores will be averaged for the section and displayed on Module Menu screen next to the section name. If the quiz is selected again for the module, the average is reset.

This is phase one of the project. There will be other functions added when all this is working well. For example, there will be a listening test where an audio clip is played and the user drags the words from a list into the correct sentence and another function where the Thai text is displayed and the user translates to English. I will offer these jobs to the author of this first phase prior to advertising it on this forum.

The flash app should be well written and commented with lesson text in a .as file or in a separate text file if that's possible. The code should be modularized so that the English/Thai text is in a separate file with little for no program code so that the application can be duplicated for the different modules.

bids below $50 please.

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