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I'm only guessing at the code languages needed. The existing site is in PHP, and meta details are in HTML.

I'm posting all the development I want done in one project, however, I may split it up and do it in phases. Therefore, you can bid on the whole project, and then please go to the message board and put a cost on each item, please also tell me if one area is your strong area, and another is your weak. I have no problem dividing the projects up into different jobs and reposting the job and inviting the programmer I want to use, based on the description below. I have been happy with my programmers for my other projects, but also want to get a feel for what my options are, what you can do. Thanks - :)

Here are the details-

1) Set up an "a store" (Amazon application) See:

2) Can you create widgets (called gadgets on google)? I want two types: Some that people can use on their own sites, with links back to mine and the others would be for my members to place on their own pages, within my site. I know this is broad, because it depends on the function, but I'm thinking of shortcuts to the site and to certain content of the site, plus tools like alarm clocks, personal lists. What would be average?

3) Right now members have their own pages with just a list of "favorites" and what content they've submitted, and their newsletter subscriptions and profile on them. I'd like more complex member pages, to include:

-Gadgets of their choice (like those on google, or most other custom home pages)

-Integrated agenda / task list / project management / goals / troubleshooting / time tracker:

Life management applications online right now include: [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] and - as examples. It is called "GTD" -- and there are open sources for this type of platform.

(It would all be integrated with the existing design, but IF needed for easier programming, the domain can be different, but still private/my URL.)

I would want results to be trackable and pooled for view by other members-See below-

4) An advanced reminder system, where people can choose to be reminded by pre-scheduled +SMS, IM, e-mail, pop-up, phone call and possibly postal mail. There are some programs that have the call reminders. See I'd rather figure out how to host my own. Do you have programmers who are familiar with voice technology? ALSO, there is a program called ccube, where a person on the Web can call another person, but neither one sees the phone number of the other one. Both of their phones just ring at the same time, so that they can talk. I would like to have that ability.

5) 4-Tier site membership. The first tier (already existing) is free. As we add advanced features, members could choose Levels 2, 3 or 4, which will be paid levels. The only difference will be certain more advanced tools and more personal page space.

6) Personal step-by-step lessons, where each next step depends on the previous user answer. Simplified example:

Course: Getting Healthy

#1 Do you eat vegetables?

Yes: Next question is "How many servings per day"

No: Next question is "Do you eat fruits?"

#2 How many servings of vegetables do you eat per day?

1-3: "Do you also eat fruits?

4+: "Do you eat dark greens at least 5 days per week?

#2a: Do you eat fruits?

Yes: "How many servings of fruits do you eat per day?"

No: "For optimum health, you really need to eat some veggies and/or fruit. Eating both is best, but if you

can't stand one, a variety of the other will keep you covered. Click "Next" to move on

#3: "Next" leads to

Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep per night?

#3a: "How many servings of fruits do you eat per day?"

1-3: Since you don't eat veggies, that's not enough. You need to have a minimum of 4 servings of fruit per day. Adding veggies would be even better.

4+: "Great! Are at least five of those servings per week dark green, leafy veggies?"

---------I'm sure you get the idea :) How much does something like that cost?

7) Also, how about diagnostic quizzes? And personality quizzes? Where I tell you what each answer is worth - a formula, and they get a result after answering multiple choice questions. Let's say, 30 questions, with 8 possible 1-paragraph answers.

8) I want to create an "accountability" system, where peers can check up on what all the others in the community are doing. SO, when a member signs in for the day, enters their info. other members can view their progress on a central, master page. I am imagining a spreadsheet like this, automatically updated every minute or so (viewer can choose to review activity list by times, alphabetical, etc.).

9) How much to set up a database? I'd like to have several, such as "Find a retailer near you."

----------? Thanks for reading--

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