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    must have experience in Hardware Design & development i.e Board design, prototyping, Component selection, board bring up,debugging and functional verification etc. must have experience with tools like Orcad, Altium & Allegro viewer for PCB Layout review

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    PCB Designer in India. Must know Altium/Orcad. Only Indian people should bid. New freelancers are welcome.

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    21 bida

    I require the following: 1. PCB designers in India 2. New Freelancers preffered 3. Must have experience in PCB design in Altium, Mentor, ORCAD etc

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    I have the sch file on OrCAD and I need help creating the PCB layout including the layers and everything.

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    I need a simulation to be done in Orcad software. Its a Ac voltage regulator where output should be constant at 300V irrespective of variation in input voltages or load. I have a base paper which I will share to the person interested.

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    by using PSpice with Orcad 10 software solve Problem 1 Design an uncontrolled full wave rectifier with the following specifications: a) Input Supply: Single-phase 230 Vrms at 50Hz. Line inductance Ls=4mH. b) Output power: 1.5kW c) Output voltage ripple: 10% d) Current ripple: 10% (+2%) of DC current e) Output is not isolated from the input f) Repeat the design for Ls = 8 mH Problem 2 Sh...

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    I want an electrical engineer to design an automatic light controller circuit using Orcad and then provide a report. The circuit is attached below, with the requirements that I need.

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    I need someone who has a lot of experience in PCB designing software. Need to teach me online EasyEDA and OrCAD and cadence Allegro software. Looking for freelancer from tamil nadu who can speak tamil. Other details will be conveyed through chat.

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    Orcad Sodtware Tamat left

    I need assistance with OrCad Software Task

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    hi I need help working with OrCad Software.

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    Develop embedded Linux kernel and applications or containers to run on Torizon (contractor choice and resource dependent) for a mobile industrial controller/gateway application. Initial development sprint requires code to bring up and test I/O and comm break out boards. Based on contractor performance and results, project may be expanded to include additional deliverables and milestones.

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    We need assistance in laying out PCBs for a number of related projects. The first project is a development board which will be used to test new components and prove the design. Draft versions of schematic and block diagram are attached. Upon completion of the first project, we would like assistance from the same individual with a second project. The second project utilizes approximately seven...

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    We need help with the following: 1) Help blowing eFuses on imx6 so that it boots from micro SD card. 2) Configuring and scripting USB and power charging chips via i2c : - Drivers already installed, require help with DTS entries and scripting in C to configure charging and USB logic. 3) Audio Codec bring up (TLV320AIC34) and scripting for recording/playback/stop etc. using gpi...

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    I need expert in pspice software orcad capture lite edition.

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    Important - Please Read This Project Carefully & Title Your Bid With 'I Confirm I Am A Linux NAND Flash Expert' ************ All bids without this title will be rejected ******************************** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a UK company using embedd...

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    Need PCB design/layout for a power supply. Schematic and basic mechanicals provided. Schematic design is in OrCAD. Can output to another net list format as required. No preference for any particular layout software.

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    Indian Freelancers Required PCB Design in altium, Eagle and Orcad. More details will be shared in chat

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    Layout of a board based on schematics and generate Gerber

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    Hello. I need to design PCB in Orcad 17.4 . you should have installed Orcad 17.4. Thank you!

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    convert alitume schema format to orcad schema format

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    need teacher for orcad pcb designing who can teach from basic to advance level.

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    Looking for an electronic engineer who has rich experience in Orcad Pspice and Proteus. I have one Laser LED driver circuit, I would like to simulate this circuit using both simulation tools like Pspice and Proteus. I will provide the circuit and test conditions to the right candidate. Please bid with experience and examples that you have done.

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    REquires system simulation using ORcad _Pspice Breaf details Themes: • Renewable Energy • Media and Entertainment • Health and Safety • Control and Automation • Electric Vehicles and Transportation • Telecommunication Task 1. Should be real-life application where it performs at least one function of any practical application used in our daily lives. ...

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    Design small PCB & layout use orcad file as input

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    I have Orcad Schematic DSN file and a proven layout but I have not done layout in Allegro. It should not be a big project. There are about 70 parts and the routing is straightforward.

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    Check schematic design compared to another project BOM and GERBERS make changes to SILK and a footprints e.g different type of terminal blocks.

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    Proyecto de circuitos de acondicionamiento con simulaciones en ORCAD Pspice. Y de igual manera saber usar Labview que tambien es para el proyecto.

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    PCB designing and PCB layout , will guide properly

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    1. Candidate should be professional in PCB designing 2. Should know Altium thoroughly and should have experience of working on it. 3. Acquitance with ORCAD Cadence is a plus point Technical details of the Project will be shared with selected candidates.

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    Analog and Digital PCB Designer Required. Must have experience in Altium or ORCAD Must know the basics of high speed design Must be fluent in english New freelancers are also welcome Indian preferred Must Know 2 layer and 4 Layer PCB design in Altium

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    Capture the schematics in Orcad from .pdf, netlist, and documentation. The board has a 1800 pins Xilinx FPGA. Most of symbols are available.

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    Hi, I have a PCB that needs its routing finished quickly, but I'm pressed for time. It's a 4-layer PCB in OrCAD PCB Editor professional. Looking to get this done in 2-3 days. I can finish up the documentation, fabrication files and everything else. The routing is just a pain right now. it's a 6 inch wide, 7 inch tall, 4-layer PCB that has a ground plane for layer two, and a power...

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    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    25 bida

    Hi Dmitry M., I have some issues booting from an customized imx6 image. Maybe you could have a lot at it via screen sharing. You get paid even you dont manage to fix the issue

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    Hi Dmitry M., I have some issues booting from an customized imx6 image. Maybe you could have a lot at it via screen sharing. You get paid even you dont manage to fix the issue

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    We need you to do a PCB layout for a small serial data equalizer card. The board is a two channel transmit and receive for high speed serial data at rates up to 3G that performs impedance matching, isolation, and equalization of the differential signals. Experience in high speed differential layout is required. The board I/O consists of two gold finger edge connectors and two FCN type connectors...

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    HI, I need to translate old CPU card project with some little improvments from Orcad to EAGLE (V 7) ; enclosed the PDF schematic of project and picture of actual board , dual side. Please quote, thank you

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    I have an assignment related to Linear Circuit Analysis. Apply only if you can solve the attached assignment which requires OrCAD software in a few questions. I have regular work on the assignments. Please contact me if you are 100% sure that you can do it. Please contact me if you can solve the assignment. I have a fixed budget of Rs 2200.

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    This project contains two boards. 1) Carrier board. 2) CPU board. The CPU board shall interface with the following peripherals: 1) SDRAM. 16 data Lines and 12 Address lines. Details given. 2) RGB LCD INTERFACE RGB (8-8-8), DE, VSYNS HSYNC AND CLK WITH CAP TOUCH INTERFACE. LCD SHALL BE GIVEN. 3) EXTERNAL QUAD SPI NOR FLASH: USING QUAD LINES for Code Execution. All details are given. ...

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    IMX6 SOM running debian - jessie fresh install with wifi card ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) installed. SSH to system and connect board to wifi network. Following product document with reproducible steps taken.

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    PCB Design Tamat left

    PCB design incorporating changes to existing board design and reference schematics. Board is a carrier board for IMX6 SOM with ethernet, Serial, SPI communications.

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    36 bida

    V5 Systems is a technology company that believes in forging new paths. We have pioneered the first outdoor edge computing platform and are helping people to use this platform to feel secure in any outdoor environment. We are seeking a motivated and creative Electrical Engineers with Circuit design background to join our growing world-class IIoT Team. This opportunity is to help us design the high...

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    29 bida

    Assalam o alaikum freelancers, I am looking for Expert Electrical & Electronics Engineers with strong background in following areas 1) Microwave Communication System 2) Multimedia Communication and IoT 3) Electronic Designs (OrCAD, Multisim) 4) ASIC Design 5) Telecommunication 6) Control Systems

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    A) Design a comparator circuit to be a set point alarm which turns on a warning LED when the process voltage exceeds 4 V and turns on a danger LED when the process voltage exceeds 5 V. B) Verify your design using Orcad Capture Pspice by running time domain analysis. Use sine wave with a peak value of 6V for the process input, three resistors for the voltage divider network, and DC voltages of &plu...

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    3 bida

    I need you to convert Allegro OrCAD .brd file to Altium format. Need to complete this project urgently. Bid only if you are confident.

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    7 bida

    I have an existing project schematic made in KiCad v5.1.5 Eeschema and need the schematic to be captured and converted into an OrCAD compatible format to be further developed in OrCAD. An NDA relating to the project would be required as well.

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    Analog and Digital PCB Designer Required. Must have experience in Altium or ORCAD Must know the basics of high speed design Must be fluent in english

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    18 bida

    Hello, So, we need a PCB designer who can route RK3399pro PCB according to our specification and design. (for AI based camera) You will getting all the required schematics , footprint , etc required for the job. (schematics is almost final) in Allegro (Orcad) I will be required a approx. estimate for the project or time will spent of this project. (as per estimate final PCB will be of 8 layers)...

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    7 bida