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Structural Engineering is a specialty field of civil engineering that deals with the design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural engineers are involved in the design of building and machinery structures. If your business works with structural engineering technology on a regular basis, you might find help from freelancers useful. You can contact freelancers who are specialized in structural engineering right here. Post your structural engineering job today!

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    9x3m cabin will be built from EPS panel, need steel base engineering done for steel sizing etc, this cabin will be removed by tilt tray and dropped off by a tilt tray so steel base needs to accommodate for that to happen. A similar plan to the attached picture. Need plans drawn and steel sizing engineered. Required this week. Must be a qualified engineer.

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    PE IN IDAHO 6 hari left

    Looking for a PE in Idaho who can stamp a Timber structure.

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    Attached Pergola 6 hari left

    I am in the middle of a home re-model and am finalizing the design of the deck. The pergola we've purchased has posts that would block a window and glass door which is not ideal. I'd like to see if there is a way to support the pergola by attaching it to the roof of the house in some way, to remove as many posts as possible. Perhaps the whole side could be attached to the roof trusses. Looking to explore whatever possibilities I can, I was also wondering if it would be possible to attach steel cables to the far side to remove all posts, but not sure of the feasibility. Attached are photos of the aluminum pergola system, the dimensions, as well as a view of the deck and house. Your input is appreciated.

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    We are looking out for an ongoing contract with someone who is good at Structural Drafting for "SHOP DETAIL" drawings - either "STEEL" or "CONCRETE" PRECAST. I will reply to all genuine candidates and you can send in at least one sample from your portfolio for us to review.

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    Hi there, I would like to request for quote to provide advice (including design plans) on construction of 4 separate retaining walls & potential underpinning upon removal of 56 cubic metres of soil from our front yard at 56 Murriverie Road North Bondi. I have attached two documents which provide information about: The site - dimensions and access Requirements for each retaining wall I also have the deposited survey plan and sewerage diagram for our property, if required. If you have any queries re: the above request, and/or the information I have attached, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kindest regards, Annissa [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    Need structural engineer 15 jam left

    I have my house sold if I can get a structural engineer vervaction with plans ( I have plans that have been drawn up by architect) but don't have the stamp required by permit department this addition was built over 18 years ago labor and industry has signed of there part as it is a manufactured home, I have to have this done by end of next week so as not to lose buyers. My husband is got advanced cancer and his living past 9 months is dependent on me moving him to Oklahoma so as to get the treatment he needs and so I also will have family support so as not to have to go thru this all alone. Thank you for any help possible Cherir hovik

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    Purchasing Plans, need review by certified engineer and approval. Also looking to potentially add garage doors on opposite side of structure for drive through. Want opinion on feasibility and proposed approach to mitigate sheer concerns. Here is plan. The address of project is 6150 Iona Road Indianapolis In 46203 We need sign off by certified engineer so we can submit for building permit. Must be licensed to be able to sign off on project in Indianapolis Indiana 46203

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    house plan usa 6 hari left

    Would a engineer for the Structural Engineering Design Check & Certification

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    Have to drsign PEB SHADE fir industrial use

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    Need a second opinion 5 hari left

    NEed a second opinion on our project

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    Design 2 separate beams and analyze them using Abaqus: one using retrofitting and one without retrofitting. It's civil engineer related project.

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    I have blueprints but need them sealed/stamped by a structural engineer.

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    Need structural engineer 5 hari left

    Need structural engineer that has knowledge in funicular archs. Message for more detail

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    Building a hillside deck. Have architectural designs and looking for a California licensed civil engineer (preferably in bay area) to do structural work that can be submitted to county for project approval.

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    We need to do some load calculations for SST cladding (self-load, bending, and moments) The price will be agreed upon after reviewing the drawings and the possibility to this work.

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    Government Project, MD 4 hari left

    I have a contract in hand to design/build a specialty training facility at a government facility in Maryland. I have been working with them on this project for the better part of 3 years, finally got a contract, and need an architect to help tie in all of the components. I have already retained an HVAC/Plumbing guy, a structural engineer, a GeoTech firm, a concrete firm, but still need some help with the big/easy stuff. There are two small, unique buildings, with parking, electrical, etc.

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    I am in search of a Structural engineer to obtain a city permit. Am building a retaining wall and would like just the drawing and calculations to obtain the permit. Included is soil pressure and structural strength and other safety considerations.

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    Needed a G+10 earthquake resistant building designed focusing on shear wall. Choose a symmetric building of G+10. Change location of shear wall, give openings in shear wall, percentage openings. Assess the optimum location of shear wall, optimum opening location and percentage opening. Software - ETABS

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    Looking for an experienced architect or structural engineer to supervise construction in New Delhi Need a person located in New Delhi, India

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    steel structure analysis by etabs and explination 24hrs

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    Need a Structural Engineer to consult on an existing requirement. The initial plans are already in place. We want a second opinion.

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    We have damaged concrete beam and slab with fire, we need detail to show additional support to add steel beams while extra support the concrete beams and columns. We adding additional steel beams to support the top concrete slab Need repair method for the slab and beams and columns

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    New build house. The ground will be solid bedrock dug out to a level platform

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    -Attached files include architectural design , data sheets for solar panels , 3D , soil information .. we asked for full structural design steel drawings including foundation and calculation report as per Abu Dhabi municipality requirements

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    1120م2 السلام عليكم ورحمة الله، مطلوب مهندس لتصميم مخططات إنشائية وإلكتروميكانيكال حسب الكود السعودي، المشروع عبارة عن مشروع تجاري مكتبي بطابقين بمساحة 1890م2، مساحة المسطح

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    Steel Structural Design project. We have completed a structural design using reinforced concrete columns, floor slabs and load bearing walls. Our Client has requested for an alternative design using Steel columns, trusses, beams and concrete flooring. We are currently busy with other works to undertake this task. We require a complete design with shop drawings of steel structures and components for construction purpose. The deliverables shall include ACAD drawings for construction ( including isometric views) and design calculations using Australian codes. Preferable software used shall be TEKLA or any other software. Please indicate timeline for completion of the project and schedule of payment upon meeting each milestone in the timeline.

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    need to develop a model with given dimensions and perform structural analysis using ansys and kinematic analysis

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    Have complete set of plans and dimensional timer sizes for timber frame carport

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    Josh Underhill 2 hari left

    Addition, would like structuals with cross sections in detail for framer. Have floor plans from lumber company.

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    10 bida

    Addition on existing house, need cross sections and framing detail

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    I am looking to build a 2 storey extension to the side of my house and need plans drawn up for planning permission and structural engineer, etc. Simple design replacing existing single skin utility room and downstairs toilet with 1 bedroom and en-suite upstairs.

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    31 bida

    I need structural calculation for small mosque minaret dome.

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    14 bida

    Building a new build end terrace house. Part of the footings on the existing terrace house have been exposed and building inspector wants opinion from Struct Engineer whether additional support should be provided. Project is in LS15, Leeds

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    We are applying to extend our home and need to satisfy the requirements of the local conservation authority. To do this, a topographic survey or grading plan prepared by a qualified professional (P.Eng. or OLS) demonstrating that flood depths do not exceed 0.8m needs to be provided. We have measured and know that we satisfy their requirements, but aren’t licensed to do the actual surveying, so we need to hire someone to come out and do this and sign off on it. The area we’re looking to add an addition to is less than 100 square feet. Located in GTHA

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    You’ll have to quantify the amount and type of steel for us to buy the specific amount old material. This is about 145 lineal meters of steel.

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    Need shop drawing for residential steel fabrication.

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    The project is based in North Norfolk, UK. We need calculations and designs for the foundations and roof structure for the design outlined in the drawings attached to this request. You'll need to visit the site to inspect the soil and the land gradient to ensure the foundation design is suitable for the given location. Nearby trees are being removed, so this may also affect the foundation design. CAD files can be provided.

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    Provide structural plans for the grease hood. (Must be stamped, signed, and dated by Utah Engineer). 10) Provide structural calculations. (Must be stamped, signed, and dated by Utah Engineer). Provide labeled existing plans (dimensions, use, windows, doors, floor level) see attached floor plan example. 5) Provide labeled proposed plans (dimensions, use, windows, doors, floor level) see attached floor plan example. 6) Floor plan 2 is the existing floor plan Floor plan 3 is the proposed floor plan

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    We have old metals to sell for recycling. There is a lot a heavy metals which factory can use for making iron bars for construction and others.

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    6 bida

    2 x 20 ft containers - 15 metre span gable roof between containers (apex 2.9 metres including GP container height), use twist locks to attach to top of containers -design to Australian standards and provide engineering report Must be rated to C4 wind region Design Pier footings for containers 4 corners, must be engineered to C4 Wind rating and use weld on method Please see drawings/picturers Must be category 5 cyclone capable Must be fully made out of steel. Space between containers cannot be obstructed. NOTE: we will be using an Australian Certifying engineer to check and certify your drawings. If you are not confident with Australian Standards do not apply. Provide full engineering report for complete structure including footings, containers and roof.

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    Eagles Nest 13 jam left

    Single Family Home in Fountain Hills AZ with swimming pool / hot tub

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    King post retaining wall. 2m height 20m long with 4m central gap for steps. To retain soil and rock.

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    I am based in Raleigh NC and need a sealed letter from an engineer to move forward with a project. We build swimming pools. We have a project planned that will place the pool 4 feet from the foundation of a house. We think we have enough clearance for our excavation and the town has said that they can approve our plans with an Engineered letter. Looking for someone to help out. Thank you

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    Retaining wall 3 jam left

    Structural engineer drawing for a concrete retaining wall that is 6 feet long by feet high.

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