Apache Pulsar on IBM Cloud

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About the project:

Explore the setup and configuration of a secure and highly available instance of Apache Pulsar ([login to view URL]) on IBM Cloud ([login to view URL]). The overarching goal is to enable clients to build enterprise cloud applications using Pulsar.


1. Start simple: Install and configure Apache Pulsar on IBM Cloud using a helm chart ([login to view URL]) [access will be provided to the IKS cluster ([login to view URL])], and using Red Hat operator [access will be provided to the Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud cluster([login to view URL])]. Test with a simple producer/consumer.

2. Add message options: Configure message compression, batching, deduplication, etc. Test with a simple producer/consumer.

3. Add message security: Configure end-to-end Pulsar message encryption ([login to view URL]). Test with a simple producer/consumer.

4. Highly available region: Install and configure a three-zone regional Pulsar instance. Test with a simple producer/consumer.

5. Test that the region continues to operate when one or two zones are offline for maintenance or are down.

6. Multiple geographies: Install two additional geographies. Test the Pulsar geo-replication feature across zones and/or Geos. Test the system works when the entire geo is offline.

7. Update Pulsar documentation on [login to view URL] by adding an entry to the Deployment section in the left navigation to include IBM Kubernetes Service (IKS) and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Kubernetes (ROSK) along with the corresponding deployment steps using Terraform and Ansible similar to [login to view URL]

What skills are required:

- Products/Technologies skills: Java programming, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Terraform, Ansible, and Apache Kafka are considered but Pulsar install and config expertise is required

- Proficiency in spoken English to be able to comfortably conduct code review sessions, present deliverables, etc. on a Webex or Zoom meeting.

How would you like to get it done:

Contribute an article to Medium describing the experience. Code can be saved in an open-source repo [login to view URL]

• You need an IBM Cloud account or need to create one at [login to view URL] to be able to work on this project according to the requirements.


• Medium article

• Sample source code, configurations

• Capture Terraform and Ansible deployment instructions for Pulsar and update the page [login to view URL]

Java IBM Cloud Kubernetes Apache Kafka

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