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TCP/IP multiplatform basic communication component

$750-1500 USD

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$750-1500 USD

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I want to contract a basic communication component handling low-volume, ca. 20-byte command messages with lenient performance requirements. There will be two versions of the component with shared functionality. One will be a “client” one and the other will be a “server” one. The main communication between the client and server components should take place in Wi-Fi (typical local single router) network over the TCP/IP or UDP (as recommended by the contractor). The server component will handle additionally some I2C and UART 2-way interfacing. The components should work in the following OS-s: • Client: a multiplatform one, at least Android, Linux and Windows environments, optionally in iOS if including iOS into in a common multiplatform project is possible without a significant increase in the dev project complexity and cost • Server: Linux only Test HW platforms: • The target Linux environment will be Raspberry Pi Zero 2W • Android: tests are planned to be performed on Samsung Galaxy J3 and/or A32 • Windows: the component should work at least in Windows 10 and 11 The communication will be tested between a client and server component where the server will run on Raspberry Pi Zero Linux (“server”) and the client on different devices on Android/Windows/Linux (“clients”). The sending and receiving code should execute possibly in the background in particular in the case of Linux “server” in order to allow to use the host Linux platform to perform other processing in parallel. The shared “Wi-Fi” communication part of both versions of the component should be 2-way and use simple circular queues to buffer RX and TX messages. I have attached a draft, base class Qued with a very simple own implementation of such a circular message queue. The class needs to be provided with missing code for the TCP/IP or UDP interface handling and preparing the contents for the existing PUT_MSG method. The contractor can freely propose changes or a different implementation of this queue mechanism. The client version should have only an RX and TX Wi-Fi queue with no additional processing needed, just handling the communication and queues. The server component should have an RX and TX Wi-Fi, RX and TX UART as well as RX and TX I2C queues with no additional processing needed, just handling the communication and queues for all components except RX Wi-Fi and RX I2C. The server logic for Wi-Fi RX handling is additionally described stepwise below: 1 Listen for Wi-Fi RX messages, receive the message packets 2 Put all messages into the RX-WIFI queue. 3 Put all messages also in the TX-UART and TX-WIFI (for all detected clients network IP-s) queue 4 Check the first two 1-byte characters of the message that define the message type and If the 2 bytes are 0x58, 0x02 then put the message also into the TX-I2C queue In the case of RX I2C the messages from this queue once received should be put into the TX-UART queue. The project should also include additional server and client functions that will allow the client to automatically detect the address IP of the server (on the same router) by the clients, like UPnP or some other, possibly simple but reliable custom method. Additionally the server should collect the IP of the clients that are currently active to be used to enable communication in the opposite direction. As part of the offer I would like to ask for a proposition of the approach to the component development, in particular: • Is it worth and if so how to address multiplatform development to achieve possibly easiest common development and subsequent modifications, especially what e.g. libraries, framework, dev environment to use • What mechanism to use for server detection and 2-way communication setup and maintenance by the server and clients Please include also the descriptions of similar projects delivered.
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Hi, I have read the brief details on the job listing. I am a full stack developer with 6 years of coding experience. I have worked with multiple similar jobs before. I have worked on similar jobs before specially with C++ Programming, Mobile App Development, Embedded Software, Android and Linux. Apart from that I have a good team of developers for doing web based jobs of any kind. You can check my portfolio here: I believe I can do this job. Lets discuss ! Shamshad
$1,500 USD dalam 22 hari
5.0 (44 ulasan)
Avatar Pengguna
With over a decade of experience in Full Stack Development, WordPress, Mobile App Design, and more, I have a proven track record of successfully handling challenging projects for both enterprise and medium-tier organizations. I specialize in various services including SAAS Development, Website Custom Designing, Wireframing, and Corporate Identity. My focus is on delivering high-quality work and top-notch support to build long-term relationships with clients. To efficiently develop your basic communication component for low-volume command messages, I will need more details on specific functionalities and performance goals. Discussing preferred programming languages, tools, and existing architecture will help tailor a more personalized proposal for your project. For project timeline and compensation, a breakdown of development phases, testing procedures, and delivery milestones will be beneficial. Understanding the scope of work involved will help estimate resources required for timely completion. I can address multiplatform development for the client component across Android, Linux, Windows, and possibly iOS platforms using frameworks like React Native or Flutter. Implementing a lightweight protocol like UPnP or a custom solution will facilitate two-way communication and server detection efficiently. For a more comprehensive proposal, please provide details on project duration, budget range, and any specific constraints. Feel free to share additional insights to tailor our approach to meet your needs. I look forward to discussing your project further and collaborating to bring your communication component to life successfully.
$1,350 USD dalam 5 hari
5.0 (15 ulasan)
Avatar Pengguna
Hi there, I'm thrilled to apply for your TCP/IP multiplatform basic communication component project. With 4-5 years of experience in Embedded Software, Mobile App Development, Linux, C++ Programming and Android, I'm confident in my ability to bring valuable insights and expertise to your initiative. Please note that the initial bid is an estimate, and the final quote will be provided after a thorough discussion of the project requirements or upon reviewing any detailed documentation you can share. Could you please share any available detailed documentation? I'm also open to further discussions to explore specific aspects of the project. Feel free to check out my profile, showcasing my portfolio, past jobs, and client reviews. It reflects the quality and professionalism I bring to every project. My goal is to provide a competitive budget without compromising on quality. Thanks for considering my proposal. I'm eager to collaborate and contribute to your project's success. Let me know if you need any more information. Best regards, Rashid Amjad
$1,500 USD dalam 20 hari
5.0 (16 ulasan)
Avatar Pengguna
Hi Pawe, What is the preferred message format/protocol (e.g., simple byte sequence, structured data)? Do you have any specific security requirements for the communication protocol? I am a skilled developer with experience in embedded systems and network communication. I am confident I can develop the communication component you require, meeting your specifications and recommendations. I recommend using a cross-platform framework like Qt or Flutter. These frameworks provide a unified codebase with platform-specific APIs, simplifying development and maintenance. I am confident in my ability to deliver a reliable and efficient communication component that meets your needs. I am eager to discuss this project further and answer any additional questions you may have. Bidding amount is not fixed we can negotiate budget via chat. Please start chat to work together.I can start work immediately . sincerely, Muhammad Abrar PS: Portfolio can be shared on your request thru' chat
$1,300 USD dalam 30 hari
5.0 (4 ulasan)
Avatar Pengguna
With over a decade of experience in mobile app development, particularly for Android, Linux, and Windows environments, I believe I have the technical know-how and practical skills required for your project. The fact that I head a large team of skilled professionals in my organization - Humans Meta Tech Pvt Ltd - ensures that your project will always receive the attention it deserves. Additionally, I would love to work on incorporating the iOS platform into the project if that is a direction you are open to. Regarding the communication aspect of your project, TCP/IP or UDP protocol is indeed recommended to ensure smooth interactions across your multi-platform system. My team and I are well-versed in these methodologies and can integrate them seamlessly into your Wi-Fi network. We've worked on numerous communication components leveraging low volume command messages with shared server-client functionalities, thanks to our strength in UI/UX design which ensures intuitive interfaces with stellar user experiences in even complex systems like yours. We have also developed several communication modules involving devices like UART and I2C before, which equip us well for the task at hand. Together, let's create an intelligent multiplatform solution that satisfies all your communication demands while delivering optimal performance!
$900 USD dalam 7 hari
4.6 (9 ulasan)
Avatar Pengguna
Hi, Pawe P.! I have worked with similar projects so that I can provide you with a satisfied result. Having confirmed the job posting "TCP/IP multiplatform basic communication component", I truly feel that you're looking for expert in Mobile App Development, C++ Programming, Embedded Software, Linux and Android. I am fully available to get started on your project immediately and you will find it interesting to discuss the project details. Regards Nina.
$960 USD dalam 8 hari
5.0 (1 ulasan)
Avatar Pengguna
***❤❤❤***Hi Pawe P., Good afternoon! I am an expert mobile computer programmer with skills including C++ Programming, Mobile App Development, Linux, Android and Embedded Software. Please send a message to discuss more about this project. I await your immediate response
$1,000 USD dalam 8 hari
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