A criminal lawyer(or representative with criminal law skills) who can present my case in court and an engineer who can collect evidence of a transmission(and transmission source) where the receiver is potentially in a (or my) human body.

My project is to record evidence based on the logic of how a RF is stimulating, creating, and being the source of my disability. The medical evidence I have of this fact is simply relief(as I report this relief to my doctors). I am able to achieve this relief from my disability when I shield my head/throat against any potential incoming RF with radio frequency shielding materials(I would make it into a square or a rectangle shield covering the SA of my head and upper torso) like faraday fabric, aluminum foil, and such.

As I report to my doctors this relief I am able to obtain, (I recently found out that the relief is more strictly found based on the direction I am shielding from, resulting in me being able to fox hunt this transmission source resulting(only a human can do this by using a script) into a user or an attacker(or in this case a hacker) inducing my disability, violating my civil rights)))) the relief becomes medical evidence that a RF is inducing my disability. Again I am putting this shield at a distance away from me, usually an arms length and finding severe relief from my disability when shielding towards its particular incoming direction.

My disability is having difficulties breathing from swallowing at a very unusual high rate per day. The average person may swallow a given amount of times as a study suggested while it is clear that I am swallowing way more times than a normal person even resulting in pain when I focus on resisting the attacker's/attackers stimulation to make me swallow. I feel that I must consider the stimulations as being potentially lethal as there is clearly different ranges of power being used to stimulate while they are also able to stimulate my neck to steer my direction away from whatever I am focusing on(or the opposite of that).

I do need help as I have been suffering from this since preschool( at a young age I thought these sensations were natural, growing up I adapted to thinking that that's a fact until the swallowing intensity per hour became dramatically severe in the year of 2016) I would like to find someone who is willing to assist me based on my civil rights being violated (as I am enduring punishment from a hacker) I would greatly appreciate that, of course I am willing to pay a reasonable rate per hour. I am willing to find convenient times to the engineer's agenda to meet and investigate this hypothesis of a RF being the cause of my disability.

I currently have a pending case in court about my disability title being given. It was granted but the facts were not correct forcing me to appeal for a review. It is now at a pending status and I may submit any additional evidence so I would like to have the logic of what is causing my disability explained in a professional view as it is easy to make a false fact about me when a person doesn't know or understand these variables in play.

I do love this country and it is almost clear that my civil rights are being violated. If I can get this fact explained clearly in court then (I hope) that the FBI will consider my tips and proceed to contact me for further investigation measures if needed(or any other help from the public or law enforcement). My tips has not resulted in the FBI concluding that my tips are not for investigating purposes(I am providing valid evidence of all of this) therefore I must continue activating an investigation for my disability being induced by a RF(or/and a user(s)/hacker(s)), resulting in a civil rights violation.

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