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    Hi Freelancers, Servlet / SpringBoot * Coding dynamic POJO with javassist for Mongo Repo and 1,2 other small things to do * Download csv or json and show in ListView * Save to Mongo with created POJO * Once saved data shall be revisited and checked for updates, based on the re-visit period the user has specified. Here's the API to query the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] repository. I will s...

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    Experie...base - Should be available for 8 hrs in a day. - Ready to work via teamviewer. Skills Required : Knowledge of Android SDK and Android Studio- Should have knowledge of Java, XML and JSON Parsing, Web Services Implementation, User Interface, Maps, GPS Functionalities, Social Media Integrations, SQLite, can integrate any third party apis.

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    i would need to have the class java...package name" security class may have to be adjusted i am using ubuntu with java version : Java 1.8.0_144-b01 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode I would need to have the job done and the step detailed so i can apply the same methodology to other java version in case of an update.

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    Use java to read data from a MongoDb to produce a JFreechart Data format is shown in attached image of DB layout. This data should be used to produce a two panel graph as shown in the attached sketch. The top panel should show the min, max and waRate with the waRate points joined by a straight line. The min and max points can be represented using

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    Implement the Berkeley algorithm using one of the following languages: Java, C++ or Python. You are required to only simulate the process, so the whole communication can be reduced to an interaction between threads that act instead of processes. Each thread is initially given a unique number from 1 to N and some random local clock time. All threads

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    El plugin ya funciona solo falta que mande la notificación de forma automática. Solo expertos en whmcs

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    Hi We have an android app that reads a website solution in a webview the apps is coded with Java. We need someone who can help on this project, we have trouble getting it to open Google maps when you press "Find vej" in the App. There will be several adjustments on an ongoing basis, so we must have someone who can work on hourly rates and who, will

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    Se requiere una persona con gran experiencia en Facebook ADS para crear anuncio efectivo en Facebook que ayude a generar ventas de Hosting.

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    Necesitamos diseñador gráfico para hacer un trabajo textil

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    Buen día, se requiere ayuda para generar código y programa en python o cualquier otra herramienta recomendada que nos permita automatizar lo siguiente: 1. escanear un rango de ip (todos pertenecen a ruteadores de marca NETIS, TP-link, Tenda, Huawei y Mikrotik) 2. Detectar cuanto tiempo tiene el equipo trabajando de forma continua (encendido) 2. Si

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    I need an expert in JAVA Round Robin method to help me out with some stuff. I'll share complete details in the inbox

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    Using Javascript create a dog rental console application using Java. It features a menu that allows the user to add, delete, rent, or return a dog. Menu choices also include process bath updates to the dog data and to exit the application. Please see attached word doc for elaborated instructions.

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    Empresa en Madrid busca un freelancer para hacer la implantacción de un sistema OfiPro Pyme con 40 clientes. Importante conocer OFIPRO PYME

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    Pacotes de layout para sacolas personalizadas com criação ou aperfeiçoamento logotipo e descrição como informações em palavras e contatos telefônicos

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    ando en la busqueda de profesionales en traduccion y redacción de informes para estudios medicos de radiologia, resonancia y tomografia.

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    Olá!!! Preciso fazer vídeos para o youtube com conteúdo bacana e trabalharei muito para isso. Meu tema é relativo a pessoas LGBT+ e Psicologia. Mas pra ficar legal, preciso do SEU trabalho para o formato ser adequado e atraente. Será que você poderia, por favor, me ajudar? Olha só o que preciso: 1. Inserir um vinhetinha com uma...

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    i need someone to make B+ tree in java

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    Requiero un logo para uno de mis proyectos

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    Need to Generate the graph for the java code which i have, my project is Intelligence traffic control i have all the code i'll provide the code, need to add steps in that to generate graph.

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    java coding Tamat left

    java routines to auto scale one plot to the scale of another plot on the same graph

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    ...tipo de fonte devem ser diferentes, para transmitir atmosferas diferentes. Quais as sensações e mensagens que deverão ser passadas através desse novo logotipo? Queremos saber o que você pensa, o que espera da nossa criação e suas expectativas. R Uma empresa de tecnologia da informação , feita de pessoas para pessoas...

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    programming project ( Java) The project is developing and testing a small degree B+ tree used for internal-memory dictionaries (i.e. the entire tree resides in main memory). The data is given in the form (key, value) with no duplicates, the required is implementing an m-way B+ tree to store the data pairs. Note that in a B+ tree only leaf nodes contain

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    Ya tengo un archivo ODF pero necesito algunas modificaciones. Solo en español. Esta diseñado para imprimir una hoja cada día con las reservas, pero ahora se meten las reservas por persona y queremos se puedan meter por grupo, es decir el papa reserva y hay datos que necesitamos de cada persona, como nombre, apellido y talla de neopreno. Ahora tenemos

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    you can write a simulator to simulate the performance, such as counting instructions, CPU cycles, average CPI, cache misses, etc.

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    PHP Developer Tamat left

    Hi, you have at lease 3 years experience in php, Java, WordPress, drupal and more. So please contact me, i can offer you a job as Developer in Germany in my company.

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    I am in need of using this java library and to enter one session and execute multiple commands on the remote machine. The commands I want to execute are (in this order) configure set firewall off commit save How can I use this library to execute the commands in this order against the remote machine?

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    With my brand doing a wide range of projects, looking for a develop that can work with fintech, rube on rails, wordpress and other platform, C, C++, Java, and various other programming languages, the idea candidate should be able to get work done quickly and capable of designing both software architectures and perform various upgrades to the company's

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    Meu projeto tem definição de escrever artigos de vários assuntos...

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    Eu preciso de você para escrever conteúdo para um site.

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    hola. Necesito a una persona que realice un pequeño video intro (pocos segundos) que se pondrá de fondo en obra teatral de Cervantes. Se darán indicaciones de los textos y el estilo a tener en cuenta a los candidatos.

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    Readers and Writers Simulate the readers and writers problem by using a pool of randomly generated threads: Each thread should either be a reader or a writer...all times total number of readers (waiting/active) and writers (waiting/active) should be visible. Choice of the programming language is not restricted, but usage of C++ or Java is preferred.

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    Make a module pricing in Java FX, with advanced tableview and cells operation.

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    Hello, I want to understand the code flow using the remote debugging option.

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    I am having 4 years of experience in java domain Woking on spring hibernate unix aws docker mongo Postgres. And basic of angular

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    Hey all I am in need of having the below java code re-worked to allow me to send just JSON strings and receive JSON strings. Please see all the java code from the links below: Client: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Server: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Handler: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Note these 3 classes will need to be in the same class (as

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    Java Application with SpringBoot, JPA, Hibernate, Postges, Rest-Service You write an application based on a given sourcecode (reimplementation with changes). The given sourcecode of a plain java application collects data from a serial interface (/tty/USB0), interpret these data and save them to the filesystem. [watch: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]] After you have created

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    To be Eligible for this work a coder should be expert in two language at least , we prefer new freelancer because earning are less ,so take interest accordingly

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    Java developer Tamat left

    ...seeking an Enterprise JavaBeans Developer who will join our fast-growing engineering team, working on mission-critical applications. Your duties will include developing scalable Java applications while providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from concept and design to testing. This is a remote-only position. You must be comfortable

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    I want java codes for knights tour problem and Dijsktra’s Algorithm with Proper GUI

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    Queremos contratar un director de mercadeos que maneje todas las plataformas para atraer prospectos.

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    na vida tudo se pode vencer com fe e determinação tudo da certo

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    project for discrete mathematics

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    ... Também haverá um cadastro diferenciado para empresas em busca de funcionários. FAQ com informações básicas. Na página de anúncios deverá ter fotos, descrição, link para o perfil do usuário que cadastro-o, um mapa da devida localidade, envio de currículo (para os anúncios de ...

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    Estamos buscando un freelancer que tenga habilidades en desarrollo y conocimiento del código para modificar y crear nuevas funcionalidades de algún CRM Open Source que nos planteen. Por el momento nos ha llamado la atención YetiForce y SuiteCRM, pero si hay alguna propuesta de alguna alternativa de CRM, estamos dispuestos a tenerla en cuenta. Pensamos

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    java EE project

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    Servlet / SpringBoot * Coding dynamic POJO with javassist for Mongo Repo and 1,2 other small things to do * Download csv or json and show in ListView * Save to Mongo with created POJO * Once saved data shall be revisited and checked for updates, based on the re-visit period the user has specified.

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    I am seeking someone who know Java and using tool SpringBoot and Jooq. Please bid only if you know it and avalaible to fix a error now using teamvieawer

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    Buenos días, Se necesita 30 artículos/cartas para un blog (relacionado con temas de amor/amistad/familia). Según calculo, cada artículo debería estar entre 1100 y 1300 palabras, por un total estimado de 35.000 palabras por todos los artículos. Condiciones: - Revisar por cada artículo el numero de palabras esperado. - Se dará el t&ia...

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    Necesito un escritor/blogger hispanohablante, que realice 10 posts entretenidos, llamativos, de temas sobre ciencia, ciencia ficción, tecnología, Musica, VIdeoJuegos, peliculas. etc. Podriamos hablar mas al respecto por imbox.

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    Servlet / SpringBoot * Coding dynamic POJO with javassist for Mongo Repo and 1,2 other small things to do * Download csv or json and show in ListView * Save to Mongo with created POJO * Once saved data shall be revisited and checked for updates, based on the re-visit period the user has specified.

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