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    I would like to set up my products in Odoo based on pounds. Then through the packaging feature I can sell in case quantities or lb. The issue is - when I count inventory, I count in cases. I would like to input the number of cases I have of a product and have the form calculate and store the pounds. The same with the manufacturing order. I would like to put the mo in cases or lb, and if it is cases have it calculate the mo quantity needed in lb. I have a test database for testing purposes then I'll need the forms set up in my production database. I have Studio.

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    I am looking to debug and fix issue for EMI calculator in Flutter. Functionality is simple to calculate EMI,Loan Amount, ROI, Tenure UI and calculation code is done but results are not consistent Expected Results : out of four fields whichever field radio button is selected that field should be calculated based on other 3 values Loan Amount: ROI: Tenure: EMI Note: APP not published

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    Please write an excel formula, that calculates the German income tax. Please send one formula for each year. I need 2018-2027. Each year is different Formula needs to 100% match the results shown in the German govermental website for this matter: You need to check the "single" lower selection for calculation. I tried the formula, that was posted in here But it is not specific enough, or did not work for me. I assume these links might be helpful, or not. You need to check if the formulas are correct. Maybe even research. Results must be delivered as German excel formulas NOT ENGLISH. Please only apply if you are sure you can deliver perfect resu...

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    Correct Python code 6 hari left

    ...input average_failures_per_period = float(input("Enter the average number of failures per period: ")) desired_confidence_level = float(input("Enter the desired confidence level (0-1): ")) lead_time_in_periods = int(input("Enter the lead time (in periods): ")) # Calculate required number of spares required_number_of_spares = calculate_required_spares(average_failures_per_period, desired_confidence_level, lead_time_in_periods) # Print results print(f"The required number of spares is: {required_number_of_spares}") # Optionally, calculate probability of having insufficient spares probability_insufficient = 1 - sum([poisson_distribution(average_failures_lead_time, k) for k in range(required_number_of_spares)]) if probability_insuffici...

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    Pago de billy 6 hari left

    Project Title: Pago de billy Purpose of the Payment: - The purpose of this payment is to make a loan repayment. Repayment Schedule: - The repayment schedule for this project is on a monthly basis. Agreed Upon Interest Rate: - The agreed upon transactions and ensuring accuracy. - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines. - Strong communication skills to keep the client updated on the repayment progress. Note: The project requires a freelancer who can efficiently manage the loan repayment process, ensuring timely and accurate payments. The freelancer should have a good understanding of financial concepts and be able to calculate interest accurately. Effective communication and organizational skills are essential to keep the client informed about the repayment...

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    Courier api 5 hari left

    Project Description: FedEx Courier API Integration Skills and Experience: - Proficient in working with easypost (FedEx) API - Experience in label generation and order management - Familiarity with integrating third-party APIs into existing systems - Strong understanding of shipping logistics and courier services Project Requirements: - Integration of FedEx API to track parcels and calculate shipping costs - Generate labels and manage orders within the system - Ensure seamless integration of the API into the existing system - Provide real-time tracking updates and accurate shipping cost calculations - Implement error handling and ensure data accuracy and security Timeline: - The integration of the courier API needs to be completed within 1 month Note: Please only apply if you hav...

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    ...need a table to see everyone in their network and possibly make updates to their information, and add more volunteers (manually or in bulk) - QR code tracking: Will need to give nonprofit users a QR code generator that they can print and place at their events for volunteers to scan to check in and check out. Or give them a simple app they can use that performs the same function. Will need to calculate the times and add it to the user's pledged hourly goal. - Submit hours for approval: In the event that a volunteer forgets to check in, check out, or the nonprofit doesn't provide the QR code, need users to be able to send them an alert to approve hours volunteered so they get credit for the hours and have it count towards their goal. This can be as simple as showing a car...

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    Excel assignment 5 hari left

    Expert knowledge of Excel Function Library, Working with Templates and Co-Authoring. Involving the following topics: Find and clear data...validation settings. Set data validation with an error alert. Display the Developer tab on the Ribbon if it is not shown. Insert a spin button form control. Protect the worksheet for data entry. Remove the Developer tab. Create a nested function with INDEX and MATCH to display inventory for a product. Use SUMIFS to calculate total pairs in stock by specific criteria. Use DAVERAGE to summarize customer survey data. Use DAVERAGE to summarize survey data. Create an IFS function. Calculate depreciation for an asset using a Financial function. Use CONCAT to build an email address. (If your version of Excel does not include CONCAT, us...

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    I am looking for a mobile app developer to create a mobile app for real estate investment. The app should be compatible with iOS. Functionality: - The primary function of the app is to monitor, calculate and invest User interactivity: - The app should have as start compliance to low number of users with ability to build up in later stage - Users should be able to navigate through the app for particular asset and have more details - The app should support some complex investment formulas Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in mobile app development, specifically for iOS and in later stage other softwares and perhaps website. - Familiarity with investment tracking and monitoring. - Proficiency in developing apps with moderate user interactivity, including forms and data ent...

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    I am looking for a skilled software developer to create a betting software for desktop platforms. The software should have the following features: - Live betting: The software should allow users to place bets on live sporting events in real-time. - Odds calculation: The software should be able to accurately calculate and display the odds for different betting options. - User management: The software should have a user management system that allows for user registration, login, and account management. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in a programming language such as Python or JavaScript (no preference given). - Experience in developing desktop applications. - Familiarity with betting systems and odds calculation. - Strong problem-solving and debugging skills. - Ability t...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Lease Excel Calculator for me. The calculator should include calculations for lease payments, interest, and depreciation. Specific calculations needed: - Lease payments - Interest calculations - Depreciation I need to this excel sheet to match the screen shots and calculate the payment to the penny or within a penny based on the information shared in the screen shot. Taxes are captitalized. Formula requirements: - I have a general idea of the formulas needed but need help with the specifics. Type of lease: - I am not sure about the specific type of lease this calculator will be used for and need guidance from the freelancer. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Advanced knowledge of Excel and formulas - Experience with creating ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a tool that will calculate the bulk engagement rate and average views for both Instagram and YouTube. The tool can be either web-based or a desktop application, as I have no preference. Additionally, it would be a nice addition if the tool also includes analytics and reporting features, but it is not necessary. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Instagram and YouTube APIs - Strong knowledge of data analytics and statistics - Experience in developing web-based tools or desktop applications - Familiarity with analytics and reporting features -Should have excellent knowledge about Instagram & Youtube Api's

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    Fix office script 4 hari left

    ...particular Atera Timeline: - The project needs to be completed ASAP. Script requirements: - Currently talk to a CORS proxy on cloudflare. - A spreadsheet will be filled with customer names and the hours included in there atera contact - Only clients with the block hours contract type should come over to the sheet. - The other columns a titled each month respectively - The script needs to calculate how many hours each client has accumalated each month and return the number amount - The script needs to be configured to run automatically each month at 1159pm EAST on the 15th - The script will look for last months tickets eg. feb will be filled with hours used from jan 15 to feb 15 - The script will ensure customers are not duplicated - Script needs to add any new clients each mo...

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    Drawing and Structural design of Truck Shed Purpose of the truck shed: Storage Truck dimensions: Small (under 10ft) Desir...Storage Truck dimensions: Small (under 10ft) Desired material: Steel Skills and experience needed for the job: - Experience in structural design for storage sheds - Proficiency in autoCAD or similar software for creating detailed drawings - Knowledge of steel structures and their design principles - Understanding of local building codes and regulations pertaining to storage sheds - Ability to calculate load-bearing capacity and design for durability and safety - Strong attention to detail and ability to accurately interpret client requirements - Effective communication skills to collaborate with the client and ensure their needs are met Mediators please ...

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    ...types of lamps to the main room and being able to modify the light intensity, as well as the temperature between warm, neutral or cold tones. The app would show the lighting effect in real time in a 3D preview of the space. Budgeter who calculates prices and quantities of materials If you select to place 10mm laminated wood for the floors, with the measurements of the room you could automatically calculate the number of square meters required and the total price according to the cost of the chosen material. -Administrative module for content management This module would allow admin users to upload and manage all images and product information available for design as catalogs of: Lamps Bathroom furniture Ceramic coatings Paints and color palette Laminate and ceramic floors Shelv...

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    Truck Hire Portal 3 hari left
    DISAHKAN will serve as a platform for customers to submit their trucking requirements and for truck owners to respond to these requests. Here are the specific features I am looking for: **Customer Side:** - Customers should be able to submit details such as date, time, type of truck, start address, end address, load size, what is being shipped, and any additional details. - The website should calculate the distance based on the provided addresses. - Customers should be able to request a quote. **Truck Owner Side:** - A portal for truck owners to register or log in. - Truck owners should be able to add trucks, see a list of all their trucks, add and remove trucks, see their subscription status, and select their preferred pickup areas from a list of all locations in NZ. - Truck ...

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    The malaria risk information layer has been downloaded, then transformed to shapefile to calculate the centroid coordinates and obtain the risk values. Finally it was converted to CSV

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    I need help to create these pages in Android Studio, using Java. Though, I would like extensive documentation because I am new to this. I want to know what resources are being used too. Pages: - Welcome page - Login page - Register page - page that uses android's native app (GPS) to calculate the steps a user has taken Further details will be discussed such as the UI. I also need help to connect to a firebase database

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    I am wanting to have a calculator on my Wordpress website just like the one in the picture, though with more of a blue background, so the Calculate ROI button would need to probably be white with black letters. I want it to default to specific numbers similar to the attached, and then as soon as someone changes the numbers and clicks to calculate it will display the new. Ideally I would be able to embed this on Facebook, Linked In, etc. but at least on Wordpress, preferably javascript where I can embed it on more than one wordpress site. Please place a final bid price not a placeholder bid. I am not going to be available to discuss. I will only consider bids that state how long it will take to complete.

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    This is AlJoharah i am working in data management office i am working as a compliance for the entity so i want to creat a risk assessment for any new violation i found so when i register the violation i want to be able to assess the violation quickly by choosing the impact then it calculate the overall impact Then i just the inherent likehood then it will calculate the inherent risk after that it will show me the risk is it high , medium or low

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    amortization 1 hari left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with an edit of the Excel Simple Loan Calculator and Amoritzation template. The edit will be that the payment amount needs to be able to be whatever I enter, a varied amount and still calculate the correct principle/interest and balance etc... All other items are fine I just need to be able to change the amount received for payment. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of loan amortization principles - Proficiency in spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel) - Ability to accurately calculate and present loan amortization schedules - Attention to detail to ensure accurate data entry and calculations.

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    I have python code for Calculate Fibrinogen Value from APTT or PT Clot Curve using below libraries - matplotlib - scipy - numpy I need code review and suggestion, If you have already experience on above packages please ping me.

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    ...estimated number of EV charging sessions per day is less than 10 - The target users for this IoT-connected outlet are commercial property owners - The main focus of this project is to create a seamless payment process for the charging sessions 1. **Hardware:** - **Current Sensor:** Use a current sensor to measure the flow of electricity to the EV charger. - **Voltage Sensor:** Measure the voltage to calculate power consumption. - **Microcontroller:** A microcontroller (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi) to process sensor data. - **Communication Module:** For sending data to the app (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, LoRa). - **Power Supply:** Provide a stable power source for the smart meter. 2. **Software:** - **Embedded Software:** Write firmware for the microcontroller to read sensor d...

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    I am looking for a developer who can add a Mapbox Address Search Box (with autocomplete) to an existing website widget (javascript) The new search box needs to be able to search using a UK address (and fly to the location entered on the map), calculate the distance from the searched address to the addresses of shops from the database and order the stores in the listings results section, closest first and furthest away last. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Mapbox and integrating address search functionality - Strong knowledge of web development languages (JavaScript) - Experience with website widget customization and integration - Ability to work with existing design specifications and implement a specific design for the Search Box The project needs to be complete...

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    ...interest calculator website using custom HTML/CSS. The website should have the following functionality: - Compound interest calculator - The ability to calculate compound interest based on user input - Clear and user-friendly interface for inputting values and viewing results I am open to suggestions for the design of the website. The freelancer is free to come up with creative and visually appealing designs that will enhance the user experience. However, it should be simple and easy to navigate. The freelancer should build a landing page that is simple and elegant and that has a low bounce rate. I'd like to direct users via a "Calculate" button to a separate results page, which then shows the calculated results as well as (important!) other options where...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can calculate the size of structural steel beams for a new construction single-family home. I do not need stamped drawings, just the sizes of the W-sections with any relevant info/connection requirements (if any) will be sufficient as a deliverable. The Attachment illustrates the 2 beams that need to be sized with the following notes: Beam 01 (steel): Carrying level 01 floor load with a tributary area of 322 SF Both ends are end-bearing would like to keep it as shallow as possible Beam 02 (steel): Can this beam be around 8-1/2" in total depth to fit above the finished ceiling? Something like a W8x48? Please refer to detail 3/A9 on the first page of the attachment Carrying the following loads: - second-level floor load with a tributary area o...

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    ...for users to recharge their cards via a web portal, mobile app, or kiosk. Update the card balance in the database upon successful recharge. Tap In/Out Events: Install card readers on buses for communication with the central system. Implement Tap In events when passengers board and Tap Out events when they disembark. Fare Calculation: Define fare rules based on factors like distance or zones. Calculate the fare when a user taps out, considering the distance traveled. Update the user's balance in the database accordingly. Real-time Communication: Ensure real-time communication between bus card readers and the central system. Implement secure protocols for data transmission and handle communication errors. User Interface: Develop user interfaces for card registration, balan...

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    I am looking for answers to a financial questions. I have on me the numbers but I need to calculate: 1. Performance - What was the percentage change in total assets and Shareholders equity + liabilities from previous quarter? 2. Liquidity – What is the Company’s ability to meet it’s near term obligations? • Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities • Ratio Greater than 1.2 is good 3. Solvency – what is the company’s ability to pay its debts as they mature? • (Income after tax + depreciation) / Total Liabilities • Ratio Greater than 0.20 is good Commonly Used Debt Ratios and Formulas 1. Debt-to-Equity Ratio = Liabilities (Total) / Shareholder Equity (Total) 2. Debt Ratio = Total Liabilities/Total Assets Commonly Used ...

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    Automobile Website 22 jam left

    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create an automobile website for me. The website will have the following features: - Car listing: Users should be able to browse and search for cars on the website. - Car comparison tool: Users should be able to compare different cars side by side. - Car financing calculator: Users should be able to calculate the financing options for a car. I prefer a modern design for the website, with a clean and sleek look. It should be minimalistic in nature. It is important that the website is mobile-friendly, as a significant number of users will be accessing it through their mobile devices. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in developing ...

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    Hi. I need someone to create an excel spreadsheet. Needs to track certain numbers from the internet and then calculate daily growth rate, monthly growth rate and yearly growth rate. Must sign NDA.

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    i need calculator that calculate based on adress where package is going plus 2$ fee( profit for me on top of the rate)

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    $30 - $250
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    ...existing Mapbox maps with HERE and TomTom navigation GPS maps for rider and driver interfaces. Ensure all existing functionalities related to the map are maintained or improved. Key Responsibilities: Implementation of Automatic Road Tolls and Toll Charges: Develop a feature that automatically detects when a driver passes through a toll booth with a rider. Accurately calculate and apply toll charges to the rider's fare. Ensure transparency of toll charges for both the rider and the driver within the app. Quality Assurance and Testing: Conduct comprehensive testing to ensure successful integration and functionality of all features. Promptly address any bugs or issues that arise. Documentation and Support: ...

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    Using Openlayer 7.5.2 I need the javascript code + source files for openlayer which can do the following: - Draw the map (like 500x300px) - Draw a line (3px width) between the cities (coordinates attached in the project) - On each city, draw a circle (5px width) + text label - In the code, calculate the distance between each city. - Place markers (svg-file attached) along the line at a specific distance (eg. 100km) from the first coordinate/city as specified in the attached file. - The line, circle and icons should be possible to style with eg. colors/thickness. - The URL for map tiles should be possible to change. To make the project as clear as possible I've atteched the index.html-file which includes instructions on what the code should do. I also attached a screnshots of ...

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    Need An Entry Level Python Programmer With Knowledge in Math (Long Term) Need basic research done and Python functions written to solve math equations and physics equations. Python functions should solve various tasks, such as calculating a confidence interval, cal...meters if a cap the height equaling to the cube root of the square of one fifth of the smallest prime number in the range of the radius is sliced off? Include the integral in spherical coordinates as well as the answer. Convert the following equation to Latex code: 5-(2.4/sqrt(16)) + sigma times the definite integral from y=0 to y =4 of the definite integral from x=3 to x = 5 of xy dx dy. Calculate the molar mass and the number of hydrogens in the following chemical: 2,5-dimethyl-3-chloro-8-nitro-9-tert-buty...

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    44 bida is to offer a carpet recycling facility at its warehouse, where old carpets can be recycled into reusable construction materials. 3. You should also consider the project’s viability & sustainability (referencing the UN Sustainable Development Goals) and offer a reasoned opinion as to whether the project should go ahead. Project Information Budgeted figures Sales per month Information to calculate the cash budgets, profit and loss and break-even point. £100,000 per month (April 2024- June 2024) • • • Credit period for customers • £120,000 per month (July 2024- December 2024) £110,000 per month (January – March 2025) 50% of customers pay immediately and the cash is received in the same month of sale, • 50% of custom...

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    Telegram bot needs to have the following functions 1. The telegraph robot needs to regularly roll dice within the group and calculate the results. 2. You also need to write a filter to filter the required dice valuesclass _Dice(MessageFilter): __slots__ = ("emoji", "values") def __init__(self, values: Optional[SCT[int]] = None, emoji: Optional[DiceEmojiEnum] = None): super().__init__() : Optional[DiceEmojiEnum] = emoji : Optional[Collection[int]] = [values] if isinstance(values, int) else values if emoji: # for = f"filters.Dice.{}" if and emoji: # for (4) SLOT_MACHINE -> SlotMachine = f"filters.Dice.{emoji

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    PHP Expert 5 jam left

    We are looking for a PHP developer to conduct a code review for a simple PHP script. The script's purpose is to calculate the area of a circle based on user input. Your task is to review the code for quality, efficiency, and best practices.

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    Hello We are in search of an app/web developer to design an application/platform. We already have the business model, the business plan, some design sketches for the application, as well as the logo, etc. We are wondering if you can provide us with a rough estimate of the costs to design the platform and what information you would need to calculate these costs. I can furnish you with a complete description of the platform, other relevant documents, and, of course, we would require you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before sharing such information. Please let me know at your earliest convenience how we should proceed and if this is within the scope of your capabilities. Kind regards, maiestas@

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me build a PowerPages website and embed PowerBi that displays interactive data visualizations to clients based on their Azure Active Directory login credentials. We calculate various metrics for clients using their data. I have acquired a domain and want to use this as a dedicated portal for clients to log into and view their data in interactive visualizations. For this work I need an expert in PowerPages, PowerBi and Azure Active Directory. Skills and experience required for this job include: - PowerPages: embedding PowerBi into PowerPages - PowerPages: using environments, setting up the required environment for the project - PowerPages: linking PowerPage website to a domain name and publishing website - PowerBi: licensing advice f...

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    ...installation of Lumise on my WordPress website. Focus on Compatible with two plugins: I have a B2C WordPress website, primarily focused on custom products with different sizes, specifications, quantities, and processes, each corresponding to different prices. With single product variants ranging from hundreds to thousands, WooCommerce's variant feature is insufficient and cannot automatically calculate prices, hence the need to introduce a plugin for additional options. The website is already using the 'Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress | Lumise' plugin. This creates a problem: the design plugin includes a section for product attributes and prices, which are derived from WooCommerce variants. If an additional options plugin is used, these options are not ...

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    ...candidate should have experience in working with WooCommerce/Shopify and be familiar with the available plugins in the market. WooCommerce plugin is preferred. Please take a look at the I need the plugin/system to serve the same purpose and fulfill the same function as the calculator on that page: customers can input info for the plugin/system to calculate the shipping cost automatically based on the table rate shipping cost rules pre-configured by the admin in the admin panel. In your proposal, please let me know the details of the plugin/system you recommend for my review. If it fits, you will get the award of $20. First come first served. Simple and easy. Please do not submit a proposal to develop a plugin/system like it, unless you already

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    ...reliability of the information. Template Development: Design a Google Sheets template that can effectively analyze and present insights on sales projections, costs, and logistics data. Optimization of Shipping and Logistics: Strategize the shipping schedule to align with demand forecasts, considering factors like inventory capacity, cost-effectiveness, and logistical feasibility. Financial Analysis: Calculate and project costs associated with shipping and storage, as well as potential profit margins after sales. Reading: Include the phrase "Sheets Savvy" at the top of your proposal so I know that you read the requirements. Timeline Planning: Develop a realistic and efficient timeline for the product movement from manufacturing to warehousing, in line with sales expectat...

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    Project Description: Auto Transport Website Automated Live Quotes Orders Placement & Payments Processing I am looking for a skilled developer to create an auto transport website that includes an automated live quotes system. The website should have the following features: - Instant price calculation: The system should be able to calculate the price for transporting vehicles instantly, based on the given information. - Real-time vehicle tracking: It is important to have a feature that allows users to track their vehicles in real-time, providing them with updates on the location and status of their vehicles. - Integration with payment gateways: The website should be integrated with the Stripe payment gateway for seamless and secure payments processing. In terms of user interfac...

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    ...PayPal Subscriptions. Design: - I am open to any design or theme suggestions for the website. Functionalities: - The main functionality I want included is a Compensation Plan via MLM forced matrix plugin. - Site should utilize WooCommerce to sell membership PayPal subscriptions. - Site needs to be able to assign sellers to be able to sell specific subscriptions. - MLM plugin should track and calculate commissions. - Site needs Distributor dashboard that shows seller commission earnings & payouts along with downline genealogy for at least 4 levels up. - Site needs Administrator dashboard that manages all sellers. - Site needs Bulk message plugin to manage seller templates and communicate with customers. - Any required Plugin license costs should be included in design f...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a web application for air quality monitoring and visualization. The main purpose of this application is to both monitor air quality in real-time and visualize historical air quality data. Our project aims to calculate air pollution distribution using a trained computer vision model from satellite images. The output file from our model is an Excel sheet that has pollutants occurrences corresponding to longitude and latitude In brief way, What we want currently?: -Map based view, with detailed view example: pollutants per bounding box that are generated from our ai model (excel file). - integrating our heavy model that process high definition images into a powerful server( based on python). The web application should be accessibl...

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    Develop logical equations based on given specifications. Design gate-level schematics to meet all specifications. Utilize CMOS logic to create transistor-level schematics for all logic gates. Calculate W/L ratios for each MOSFET based on transient performance. Determine mid-point voltage, rise time, and fall time for each unique logic gate. Calculate capacitances considering parasitic capacitance values. Prepare a floorplan for layout, considering gate locations, signal distribution, and pad locations.

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    ...completed within a month. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in Codeigniter4 framework - Experience in developing accounting applications - Strong understanding of expense tracking functionality General Features: Dashboard for each Module with graphs and widgets GST Compliance: Generate GST invoices and reports (GSTR-1, GSTR-2, etc.) Handle different GST rates and compositions Calculate and track input tax credit E-way bill generation and management Multi-Currency Support: Track transactions in multiple currencies Generate reports in different currencies Automatically update exchange rates Bank Reconciliation: Import bank statements Match transactions automatically Reconcile accounts quickly and easily Reporting: Generate standard accounting reports (Balance...

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    ...Sale Price field with the name Average Sale, choose Average as the calculation, and use Currency with zero decimals. Apply Light Gray, Pivot Style Light 15. Apply All Borders to cells A3:C9. Add a calculated field to a table. Select the Table sheet. Type Days in cell O4 and press Enter. In cell O5, build an IF formula to display the number of days on the market. Define a logical_test to calculate if the sale date is greater than the list date. The value_if_true argument is the sale date minus the list date. For the value_if_false argument, press Spacebar once in the entry box in the Function Arguments dialog box; this displays a space in the cell when no sale date is available. (If you type the formula, enclose a space in quotation marks for the value_if_false argument.) B...

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    ...should allow me to store and manage employee information, such as personal details, job titles, and contact information. - Attendance tracking: The website should have a system for tracking employee attendance, including the ability to record and monitor sick leave, vacation days, and other types of time off. - Payroll processing: The website should include a payroll processing system that can calculate and generate employee paychecks, taking into account factors such as hours worked, overtime, and tax deductions. Platform: I am open to suggestions, but I have a preference for a custom-built platform that can be tailored to my specific needs. Design and branding: I do not have any specific design or branding preferences at this time, but I am open to suggestions from the freela...

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