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    I require assistance to locate suitable full-time employment. As I haven't specified an industry, it is crucial that you are experienced in a broad range of sectors or have unique methods to help me pinpoint my interests. Time is not an immediate concern, so you can carry out your duties thoroughly and deliver: - An assessment o...of sectors or have unique methods to help me pinpoint my interests. Time is not an immediate concern, so you can carry out your duties thoroughly and deliver: - An assessment of my skills and interest areas, which will inform the job search. - A wide-ranging exploration of job opportunities, not limited to a specific industry. - Periodic updates on job-search progress. Ideal skills: Career Counselling, Recruitment, Job Search Strategies, Cross-indu...

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to build an app that combines the efficiency of restaurant wait-list notifications with the exciting world of swim meets. The app should mimic the functionality seen in popular restaurant apps, notifying parents 1-2 heats in advance of when their child is due to swim. The ideal developer should be knowledgeable with Meet Mobile (Hy-Tek). This app should be centered around the following 3 requirements: - Parent Text Alerts: The app should send advance notifications (about 2-3 heats before) texted to parents about their kid's upcoming race, akin to how one is alerted when their table is ready at a restaurant. - Real-time Race Results: The app should have the functionality to text & display real time race results for ongoing swim meets i...

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    I'm seeking an SEO Content Writer to develop engaging content focused on topics regarding careers after obtaining an MBA. The primary focus should be on: - J...aid in organic visibility - Expertise in management and career development content - Excellent research abilities to keep content up-to-date and relevant - Strong writing skills, making complex topics accessible and engaging. Knowledge of established career pathways, leadership, human resources, and project management will be highly beneficial to this project. A background in career counselling, higher education, or business management is also desirable. When bidding, please provide writing samples, especially if they pertain to management or career development. Originality and a clear, concise writing style...

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    ...tracking of child's learning progress and toy usage. ● Feedback Submission System: Users can provide feedback on toy designs and effectiveness. ● Interactive 3D Toy Preview: Offers a 3D preview of the toy designs before printing. ● Material Selection Guide: Helps users choose safe and appropriate materials for printing. ● Print Queue Management: Allows users to manage and schedule toy printing. ● Child Safety Information: Provides guidelines on safe toy usage and materials. ● Multi-Language Support: The app interface is available in multiple languages. ● User Notifications System: Sends notifications about updates, new features, or printing status. ● Online Community Access: Connects users with an online community for sharing ideas and tips. ● Educational Content Library: Ac...

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    Transfer Domain 8 hari left

    CHCH Counselling

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    1 bida creating child-oriented goods, ideally within the safety or marine sector. The project involves designing distinctive and colorful buoyancy aids specifically for children aged 4 to 10. Key Design Elements: - Safety Compliance: The designs need to be compliant with European safety standards. Your expertise in this area would be an asset. - Special Features: The aids should incorporate three main features - special straps to prevent them from slipping, an easy-release system for emergencies, and high-visibility colors or materials for increased safety. - Engaging Designs: I'm seeking innovative and engaging design ideas. These should be fun and colorful, and could include both animal and sports themes. I encourage designers who are creative and have a keen interest in ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer to create an interactive story game targeted at toddlers aged 1-3 years. This game should be built for both iOS and Android platforms. - Game...should be done in a cartoonish style and must be appealing to toddlers. The visuals should be colorful, fun, and engaging to capture a child's imagination. - Desired Skills: Ideally, freelancers bidding for this project should have previous experience with iOS and Android game development, specifically games for children. Knowledge of child-friendly design principles is a must, alongside a robust understanding of interactive storytelling mechanisms. Use of child-appropriate color palettes and character designs will be necessary. I urge bidders to share specific examples of similar...

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    ...The purpose of the mat is twofold: - To enhance "Balance and coordination": The design should incorporate elements that enable and encourage balance and coordination drills. Experience in child-friendly, sports equipment design will be advantageous. - To improve "Speed and agility": The design should encourage and facilitate speed and agility drills. Prior work experience in fitness or sports-related product design is desirable. The design should be visually engaging, appealing to the age group, and encourage continuous use. It would be ideal if you've worked on similar projects or have knowledge in child-centered design practices. Experience in designing for safety and durability in sports equipment would be an additional plus. The ultimate go...

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    vlocity CLM mapping 5 hari left

    Hi On my cart are child product with quantity those quantity values are not mapped once doc are generated. Only show the quantity of 1 thanks

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    I require a series of high-quality articles centred on job hunting strategies tailored specifically for mid-career professionals. * The articles should each fall within the range of 500-750 words. * The primary focus should be on modern job searching techniques, up-to-date tips and tricks, suitable career pivot strategies, and other related subjects of interest for mid-...articles need to be informative and fact-driven, they also should engage the reader through a friendly, conversational tone that resonates with the target demographic. Ideally, this job suits a freelancer with experience in career advice writing, understanding of job market trends, and the ability to effectively communicate to mid-career professionals. A background in human resources or career counselling will ...

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    As I'm currently going through a divorce, I urgently need assistance to accurately craft a marital settlement agreement compliant with the laws of Colorado. Importantly, there are no children involved, so child support and custody will not be an issue. However, we do have shared assets that need to be divided, which could make the procedure complex. Ideal professionals for the job will have: - Experience in Family Law with a focus on Colorado-specific regulations - Awareness about the division of marital assets - Precision, patience, and the ability to guide the client through legal processes, while maintaining sensitivity around the matter at hand. Please only bid if you have direct experience dealing with divorce and marital settlement agreements in Colorado. A strong bac...

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    I require a series of high-quality articles centred on job hunting strategies tailored specifically for mid-career professionals. * The articles should each fall within the range of 500-750 words. * The primary focus should be on modern job searching techniques, up-to-date tips and tricks, suitable career pivot strategies, and other related subjects of interest for mid-...articles need to be informative and fact-driven, they also should engage the reader through a friendly, conversational tone that resonates with the target demographic. Ideally, this job suits a freelancer with experience in career advice writing, understanding of job market trends, and the ability to effectively communicate to mid-career professionals. A background in human resources or career counselling will ...

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    I require a professional to creatively design a 5-7 slide enticing investor pitch deck for Conscious Parenting to Child Genesis (From normal to Special Child) Healthtech startup. This project is urgently needed. Key Inclusions: - Problem and Solution: Highlight the issue our healthtech startup addresses, and how we solve it Developmental issues in children increase as busy urban parents, due to time constraint, often overlook key developmental milestones. Parents lack right advice & overload of information for their child issues like speech delays, autism etc. making it tough to choose the right info. fit for their kids. No organized structure of Specialists to look-after Developmental issue cases; parents have to run from-pillar to-post - Market Opportuni...

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    Hello, it's about the topic of bullying. Through my soul I can help bullied children by installing a kind of protective shield around the bullied person. I need 2 drawings for my website. I have a template for one. This needs to be repainted so that it looks nicer. Then I need another drawing where the bullied child runs past with an invisible protective shield and sticks his tongue out at the other child and shows the middle finger. I hope I was able to explain that.

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    I'm seeking a talented individual who combines advanced video editing prowess with a keen understanding of digital marketing to take my YouTube channel, focused on pediatric care, to new heights. My channel serves as a valuable resource, providing insights into various child diseases for parents, pediatric doctors, and a general audience. Here’s what I expect from you: **Core Responsibilities:** - Creatively edit 4-5 videos per month, each approximately 3 minutes long, ensuring they’re engaging and informative. -- Creatively edit 8-10 reels/shorts videos per month, each approximately 30-60 sec long, ensuring they’re engaging and informative. - Develop and implement a robust content strategy tailored to our diverse audience. - Leverage SEO optimization techniq...

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    I'm on the hunt for a talented cartoonist skilled in creating enchanting caricature art for a children's birthday celebration. The audience’s age group is between 6 and 10 years old, making it essential that the artwork captivates this young and vibrant crowd. **What I'm Looking For:** - Expertise in cartoon caricatures with a whimsical, child-friendly twist. - Ability to infuse humor and fantasy into art that appeals to 20 kids aged 6-11years. - Creativity in incorporating birthday themes into each caricature, making every piece special and personalized. **Project Scope:** - The cartoons will primarily be used to create take-home memorabilia for the children attending the birthday party. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record of creating eng...

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    Touch Screen Foam Dart Game 4 hari left

    ...touch-sensitive tip. - Ensure compatibility with tablet touch screens. - The dart must be safe and durable for use by children. - Design must not scratch or damage the tablet screen. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience in materials engineering, specifically with foam and touch-sensitive materials. - Background in toy design, preferably with interactive or digital components. - Knowledge of child safety standards in toy manufacturing. - Experience working with touch screen technology. - Creativity in design, with attention to fun, engagement, and safety. This project is perfect for someone who has a passion for creating new and exciting gaming experiences for kids, blending physical play with digital interactivity. Your expertise will help bring an innovati...

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    I am in need of a comprehensive, well-researched article focused on family and child nutrition. The goal is to educate parents on the importance of proper nutrition for their children, providing them with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their family's dietary habits. Key elements the article should cover: 1. **Nutritional Needs:** Overview of essential nutrients for children at various stages of development. 2. **Healthy Eating Tips:** Practical advice for parents on how to encourage healthy eating habits in their children. 3. **Meal Planning:** Suggestions for creating balanced meals that are both nutritious and appealing to children. 4. **Overcoming Challenges:** Strategies for dealing with common issues such as picky eaters and food allergies. ...

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    ...specifically for children. - Integrate a comprehensive suite of learning resources covering a variety of subjects and interests. - Ensure the website is secure, fast-loading, and easily navigable for young users. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experienced in creating educational or children-oriented websites. - Proficient in web development languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and familiar with child-friendly UI/UX design principles. - Knowledge in integrating interactive elements and multimedia content. - A portfolio exhibiting previous work on similar projects. - Excellent communication skills and willingness to collaborate closely to bring this vision to life. This project is dear to my heart, and I'm searching for someone who shares a similar passion for creating enri...

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    JTL Shop 5.2.2 - Create a Child Template - ONLY with Experience! Have you experience with JTL SHOP? When yes, have you produced a child template ?

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for professions that on my php code, which uses a shortcode, creates a table with values ​​that it takes from other shortcodes, to insert two print buttons in pdf and print excel (xlxs) of all the values ​​that show the table as in frontend. I attach a copy of the php function code, which creates shortcodes that I inserted into my file in my child theme. The basic code is enough for me, because then in the shortcode I will insert other lines that I am implementing. Now there's only one for proof Thanks for the help

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    A 5-second 2D/3D animation of a child, wearing a gas mask, blissfully running and/or playing in a poppy field under a dark, moody sky. This animation will be used as an outro for historical educational videos. See photo as a reference. I was thinking of a wide shot of a poppy field with the child running through it running his hands through the poppies. You can add audio of the child laughing if you wish. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 2D or 3D animation software (e.g., Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D) - Strong portfolio showcasing expertise in creating emotionally compelling short animations - Ability to work with dark, moody color palettes while maintaining clarity and focus on the subject - Experience in storytelling through animation, capable of conv...

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    I am the founder of a counselling and therapy practice in Melbourne Australia. I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a one page, modern and sleek promotional flyer that effectively increases my brand's awareness amongst my target audience. This flyer needs to be developed in a format which can be easily posted on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. I will provide the freelancer with a very basic PowerPoint slide containing the relevant content to be used for these purposes. However, the freelancer needs to develop something professional and slick that can be used to generate new clients for my business.

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    I'm looking for a skilled animator who can breathe life into my action anime film. My project is primarily geared towards children. I require an experienced professional who is adept at 2D animation, particularly within the anime sub-genre. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in 2D anime animation - Ability to design vibrant and engaging action scenes - Demonstrated capacity to create child-friendly content - Understanding of the tone and aesthetics typical to children's anime - Ability to deliver finished work in the time frame of the project This is an exciting opportunity for anyone passionate about animation and children's content. I appreciate good communication and someone dedicated to bringing this engaging action anime to life.

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    I'm seeking a dedicated, patient tutor for my primary school-aged child. They need assistance mainly in Math, English, and Science, with tutoring sessions happening thrice a week. Key Responsibilities & Requirements: - Provide instruction in Math, English, and Science - Develop personalized lessons to improve student's basic understanding in these subjects - Track student's progress and adapt lessons accordingly Ideal Skills & Experience: - Prior experience in primary school tutoring - Proven ability to work with students at a basic understanding level - Excellent communication skills - Patient and passionate about teaching children.

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    ...Bootstrap, along with a solid understanding of HTML structures. My project revolves around manipulating a tree view pull-down, specifically in terms of dynamically loading parent and child nodes from an HTML page. The nodes are structured as nested lists (ul li). ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Javascript , jQuery , Ajax and React. - Experienced with Bootstrap and HTML. - Familiarity with manipulating nested lists (ul li) structures. - Capability to dynamically load data into a tree view structure. ### Key Project Requirements: - Modify the existing tree view to support dynamic loading of parent and child nodes. - Ensure that the tree structure is implemented with nested lists (ul and li tags). - Maintain the aesthetics and responsiveness of the tree vi...

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    Brochure and Signage Design 3 hari left

    I need a proficient designer to assist with the creation of brochures and signs for my child care business. The materials are primarily intended for parents, so it is essential that the design is engaging, informative, and easy to understand. Key Responsibilities: - Design visually appealing brochures and signage relevant to child care services - Proofread and edit content for clarity and correctness of English grammar Ideal Candidate: - Strong design skills with a portfolio showcasing work in brochure and signage design - Excellent English reading skills for accurate editing and proofreading - Familiarity with child care industry is a plus - Ability to deliver within deadlines and maintain high-quality standards.

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    As...use - Utilizing your knowledge and knack for puppet aesthetics to create a puppet that appeals to children and captures the image of our main character, STINKY. (The cover image includes some other characters in the first book but we wanted to make sure you saw his tail.) Applied material: - Foam Ideal Skills: - Foam crafting skills - Experience in puppet construction - A creative eye for child-friendly design - Understanding of puppet use in an educational context It's essential that the puppet is a suitable size for teaching multiple age groups, visually appealing, comfortable to manipulate, and resilient enough to maintain its shape and continue looking attractive after constant use. Experience working on previous educational or children's projects will be ...

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    I am in need of an expert in iClone 3D animation to complete a 3-4 minute animation focused on patient counselling. This animation should project a warm and comforting atmosphere. We had already processed Animation as attached. (Attached is mp4 file, iProject file will be supplied before starting work) Please suggest required budget starting from attached iProject file. Ideal skills and experience: • Demonstrated competency in iClone 3D animation • Ability to create animations that evoke warmth and comfort • Experience in Animation with Korean language. • Successful experience with similar length projects • Knowledgeable in health sector, specifically patient counselling, is preferable * Since the mp4 file is rather big, inevitably, we attached...

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    I'm seeking a skilled writer to revamp my resume with a focus on my work experience and skills. My goal is to effectively target specific job positions, so I require a seasoned professional who can help me make my profile more appealing to potential recruiters. The resume should remain general in nat...on my work experience and skills. My goal is to effectively target specific job positions, so I require a seasoned professional who can help me make my profile more appealing to potential recruiters. The resume should remain general in nature, so there's no requirement to incorporate any industry-specific terminologies. The ideal candidate for this task will have a background in HR or career counselling, and offer an understanding of how to market skills and experiences effe...

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    ...and work of a child dancer/model/actress. Key activities will include: 1. Identifying and Targeting Strategies: * Deep-dive research into successful Instagram accounts with similar content. * Identify optimal strategies for content, hashtags, posting schedule, and engagement tactics. * Recommend and implement a content creation plan and posting schedule. 2. Growth & Engagement: * Execute growth tactics, with an emphasis on gaining genuine, interested followers from all over the world. * Boost post engagement through comments, likes, shares, etc. 3. Reporting: * Provide analytics reports showcasing growth and engagement results. Ideal freelancers for this project will have past experience in growing Instagram accounts, especially those focusing on c...

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    ...which focuses on parental control. Your task will involve writing an educational and informative SEO-optimized blog post that provides a comprehensive review of money apps suitable for kids and teens. The article should not only enlighten parents about these apps' content but also help them understand the benefits of managing their child's financial learning. Key Aspects to Address: - Overview of child-friendly money apps - Unique Insights on these apps - How these apps complement financial learning for kids and teens - SEO integration with relevant keywords Ideal Candidate Skills: - Strong SEO writing skills - Knowledge of financial apps - Ability to engage a parent-focused audience - Experience in educational technology writing I'm looking forward to your pr...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Android App developer to bring my ideas to life. Essential Skills: - Android App Development - UI/UX Design - Proficient in Java. It is based on Nested Recycler view where data of both Parent and child is retrieved from MySql database using PHP and Android data are Heading which are received from a MySQL on that heading corresponding data is retrieved from another table of MySql:

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    Hello! I'm in need of a skilled Photoshop expert to seamlessly integrate two individuals into a semi-formal wedding group photo. I have pictures of the two people from the same day and event. They just missed the group photo. I have attached the group photo and one photo that includes the woman and child I would like to have added. I do have other pictures of them from the day if the one provided is not a good option. The details of this project are as follows: - **Objective:** Photoshop two people into an existing wedding group photo. The dress code for these individuals should be semi-formal, blending naturally with the rest of the group. - **Adjustments Required:** - **Clothing Color Change:** The clothing colors of the newly added individuals might need to be adjusted ...

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    I'm looking for an illustrator to create artwork for a children's book I'm working on. Key Details: - The style of the illustration should be watercolor. Exhibiting a soft, delicate but a remarkably expressive style. - I need illustrations for b...lively, vivid, and energetic vibe. Perfectly fitted for kids' perception and appreciative senses. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in illustrating children's books is a must. - Proficient in watercolor art, being able to create light and youthful imagery. - Great at communicating and implementing feedback. - Able to work on a timeline and meet deadlines. - Knowledgeable about child-friendly designs and aesthetics. I'm excited to find the right person for this project and would love to wo...

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    ...involves creating between 10 to 20 illustrations. This will be book one of a series of books that are set in Hawaii. Knowing Hawaii culture would be a plus. Pictures will be of mountains, rivers, beaches, waves, surfing, outrigger canoes, animals, people, underwater ocean life forms (sharks, dolphins, etc.), sea birds and islands. Ideal Skills: - Proven expertise in creating realistic, but fun child-friendly illustrations - Prior experience in illustrating for children's books, especially those aimed at the 6-12 age group - Ability to meet deadlines and adhere to instructions -Many of these pictures can be inspired from photos that I will provide. So, getting the idea of the work and area should come easy. Those having a vivid imagination and a knack for storytelli...

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    I am eager to develop a fun and engaging online course to educate children, specifically aged 5-8 years, on financial literacy under my brand "Credit Kidz". Key project features: - Utilize a 3D animation style reminiscent of Disney Pixar. - Course content should incorporate animated videos and interactive quizzes to keep the learning experience exciting. - The c...covered in this course are saving money, budgeting, understanding credit, and basic investing. Ideal Freelancer Skills: - Strong grasp on creating 3D animations. - Experience with online course development and interactive content design. - Background or understanding of finance or financial education is a bonus. If you're up for the challenge of combining creativity, education and finance in a child-fri...

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    Family-Focused Resource Hub 12 jam left

    I'm in the process of creating a website dedicated to sharing experiences and resources with parents. This platform will serve as a central hub for those seeking advice, shared experiences, and bespoke events tailored to families whose children experience similar challenges. Our content will be specifically designed to engage, inform, and support parents in various aspects of child development and family life. **Key features of the website will include:** - **Interactive Chat**: A space for parents to communicate in real-time, asking questions, and sharing advice. - **Community Events Calendar**: A regularly updated listing of events, webinars, and gatherings that would be of interest to our audience. This will allow parents to stay informed of upcoming opportunities for lear...

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    ...other effective strategies. - Insight into the challenges and obstacles that deaf infants and their caregivers commonly encounter. - Stories or anecdotes to inspire and assure readers that they can build a strong, communicative bond with their child. - A section dedicated to additional resources for further learning and support communities. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Excellent writing and storytelling skills, with experience in ghostwriting ebooks. - Strong research capability, ideally with a background or profound interest in topics related to child development, deaf culture, or special education. - Ability to write confidently for a diverse audience that includes parents, educators, and healthcare professionals. - Knowledge in sign language or early childhood de...

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    I'm looking for a talented 3-D HD animation developer to aid in the creation of a children's online course focusing on Financial Literacy. Key components & expectations: 1. Animation Style: - Animation should be cartoon-like, appealing to a young audience. It should be should have the ability to transform complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand animated presentations. 3. Target Audience: - The course is designed for children. It is essential to develop content that is age-appropriate and enjoyable for them. Any prior experience working on children's animations and/or educational content will be a great advantage. A strong understanding of child psychology can be highly beneficial, as it would assist in developing animations that ...

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    46 bida plan for a startup, ideally with experience in the daycare or broader education sector. - **Market Research:** Deep understanding of demographic, competition, and market trends analysis. - **Regulatory Compliance:** Knowledge of the legal requirements and certifications necessary to operate a daycare. - **Marketing Expertise:** Experience in branding and marketing strategies tailored to child care services. - **Financial Planning:** Competence in creating financial projections and identifying funding opportunities. **Requirements from Freelancers:** - Please submit detailed project proposals outlining how you would approach each goal. - Highlight relevant past work, particularly in daycare or educational projects. - Share testimonials or references from previous client...

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    21 bida

    I require the service of a very honest, trustworthy, dutiful and professional virtual personal secretary. The work involves managing my personal calendar, daily schedule, and to-do tasks. The work, as you can understand, is very simple. If you love and care about causes like wildlife and environmental protection, child safety and human rights, then you would love this job.

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    54 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled artist to create a traditional hand-drawn animated short film aimed at children. Key details of the project: - The film will be based in a rural setting, featuring 2 to 3 characters. - The duration of the animated film should be between 5 to 10 minutes. Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience in traditional hand-drawn animation...experience: - Extensive experience in traditional hand-drawn animation is vital. - Previous work on children's films or animations would be beneficial. - A strong ability to convey rural settings and children-friendly characters in animations. This is a fantastic opportunity for those with a passion for hand-crafted animation and storytelling. Your creativity will be vital in bringing this rural, child-fri...

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    9 bida

    I am in need of a talented video designer who can create a captivating and entertaining motion video aimed at preschoolers age...motion video aimed at preschoolers aged 3-5 years. Key Aspects Needed: - Compelling visuals - Age-appropriate content - Vibrant and lively animation - Fun and engaging storyline Ideal Skills: -A video designer with excellent animation skills -Experience in creating content for children especially preschool age -Have a creative imagination to weave entertaining stories visually -Understanding of child psychology and preferences will be an added advantage. The aim is to create a video that not only entertains but also stimulates the curiosity and imagination of this young age group. Let's create a masterpiece that'll potentially bring smiles ...

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    15 bida

    ...will feature a unique blend of educational and entertaining content tailored to both parents and children. Here’s what I envision and need: **Interactive Activities & Games:** - Quizzes that challenge and educate. - Puzzles to solve individually or as a team. - Memory games to enhance cognitive skills. - Word searches to expand vocabulary. **Account Features:** - The website will have parent and child accounts. - Parents have the authority to open or close their child’s account. However, closing an account will result in the loss of all rewards collected. **Rewards & Giveaways:** - Virtual badges as recognition for completing challenges. - A points system that allows users to redeem prizes. - Randomly selected winners for giveaways to keep engagement high....

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    121 bida

    Hello! We (Juliet and Liam) are Australians expecting our first child via a 31 week surrogate. We are so worried for her! She is scared, and needs help and we want someone sensible to check in on her, attend appointments and help her out. Liam is in Tbilisi today / wants to hire asap. Kind regards Liam.

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    I'm embarking on an exciting journey to open a child care center that not only provides excellent care but also fosters an environment of growth and learning for children. To achieve this, I am seeking a grant that will cover several critical areas. **Grant Utilization:** - **Equipment Purchase:** We're focused on acquiring state-of-the-art cribs and high chairs that ensure safety and comfort. In addition to these, toys and games that promote cognitive development and social skills among the children will be procured. - **Technology and Transportation:** A modern infrastructure is incomplete without the necessary technology. Therefore, the procurement list includes desks, computers, and printers to manage operations smoothly. A vehicle dedicated to the center will facil...

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    I am in need of an expert in graphic design to lay out labels for my food products. I need child nutrition labels designed and laid out. I already have the logo and content, I just need it to be laid out and a proof created. I've attached a label that is already designed and the CN label/statement and ingredient statement both need to be added along with the product name and weights. The USDA seal an also be made smaller to create more room. Key responsibilities: - Create a design that is traditional yet appealing - Ensure design is suitable for professional print services Ideal candidate: - Proven graphic design experience, particularly in package design - Strong portfolio in classic and traditional designs - Familiarity with professional print services and the g...

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    I'm in need of an accomplished designer, ideally w...accomplished designer, ideally with experience in children's publishing or products, to create a minimalist-themed memory book centered on celebrating children's special achievements. Key elements of the project: - Designing a minimalist yet engaging children's memory book. - Main focus: Commemorating and preserving special achievement memories. - Style: Clean, modern minimalism preferred with a child-friendly approach. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in graphic design and layout - Experience in children's book or product design - Strong grasp of minimalist aesthetic - Detail-oriented in preserving important milestones. Your creativity will play an integral role in bringing valued memories to life in a vis...

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    $118 Avg Bida
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