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    1- Load akan dapat supply dari Grid pada pkul 10malam - 8pagi. Dalam masa sama, Grid Source akan charge battery sampai penuh. 2- Pada 8pagi - 10malam pula, load akan dapat supply daripada Bateri. 3- In case, Grid ada masalah antara pkul 8pagi - 10malam (waktu gris supply ke load), bateri akan automatic backup sehingga Grid ok, kemudian dia turn back pada Grid semula. *Batt...Pada 8pagi - 10malam pula, load akan dapat supply daripada Bateri. 3- In case, Grid ada masalah antara pkul 8pagi - 10malam (waktu gris supply ke load), bateri akan automatic backup sehingga Grid ok, kemudian dia turn back pada Grid semula. *Battery tu mempunyai kapasiti tuk support selama 14jam (8pagi - 10malam). *nak bagi beza dngan video tu, klu boleh Grid dan Bateri buat series connection compare video tu bu...

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    Source Code Check 6 hari left

    I need a second opinion of a developer who has many years experience. I am looking for a senior developer. ToDo: - Check source code and give me a summary, what is good and what can do better and how? - Experience with AWS configuration, mongodbatlas, that each 10 minutes will be backup, source code and database. The complete infrastructure. - Compare my feature wishs with the existing source code and tell me if the features work or not? Tech Stack: Node.js, React, MongoDO Mailgun, MongoDbAtlas, AWS

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    ...limitations. The Blazor technology is relatively new. It was introduced in 2018 and now has reached the maturity level. Therefore, the problem to be researched is related to comparing Blazor capabilities with competiting technologies, like Angular and React and to summarize the strengths and limitations by implementing and comparing prototype web user interfaces. The goal of the bachelor thesis: To compare Blazor technology with alternatives such as Angular and React and explore its advantages and application specifics, providing recommendations and best practices. The tasks of the bachelor thesis:  Comparitive analysis between Blazor technology and alternatives, for example, Angular and React.  Evaluation of Blazor technology and Angular/React.  Demonstrate the application ...

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    ...exploration, such as deprivation causality and impact, and/or a solution focus combined literature on deprivation causality/impact and breaking the deprivation cycle. 2. Include a chapter explaining the methodology framework of your project, clearly explaining and justifying the methods used, including methods of analysis and data source. 3. Undertake further analysis and investigate the dataset to compare and contrast key information from Lower Level Super Output Areas (LSOAs) for England and Wales and Data Zones (DZ) for Scotland. 4. Identify prevailing trends between the three nations that may impact their perceived healthiness. In doing so, you are required to undertake relevant statistical analysis of the dataset. You must demonstrate knowledge and application of appropri...

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    teaching to edit photos 6 hari left

    Project Title: Photo Editing Tutor - Lightroom Hi, we have a medical practice and take before and after photos of our patients. I'm seeking someone who can come to my home (in Toorak) and give me some 1:1 training sessions on my Mac to train me in the use of Lightroom to 1) produce consistent before and a...and give me some 1:1 training sessions on my Mac to train me in the use of Lightroom to 1) produce consistent before and after photos (cropping, colour, etc) and then upload them on to our website and also provide them in a format to show patients when they come to the practice to see before and after photos prior to surgery and 2) to be able to navigate Lightroom to be able to upload photos to compare, create folders etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind reg...

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    Java Program Testing 6 hari left
    DISAHKAN is generally simple. Creativity: In the paper we discussed in Week 2, there are different approaches to follow in doing an empirical evaluation of the effect of design patterns on quality. Please read the paper findings again, compare the different approaches on how to take the measurements, and decide on an approach that you think will give more precise results. You also might come up with something different. In all cases you need to justify your approach. For example, you might compare the metrics for pattern versus nun-pattern classes, or you can compare between pattern classes and the total classes. Please refer to the paper of discussion 2 to see what researchers did in previous studies. Report Format: You can use any of the well-known formats. F...

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    Project Title: Python System for Capturing and Comparing Candidates using LLMs & vector databases Desired Output: - The Python system should have the capability to both store candidates in a vector database and compare incoming hiring requests to the candidates in the vector database. Required Skills and Experience: - Advanced level of experience with Python and database management is expected from the freelancer - Usage & deployment of open source models like LLaMA to assess candidates against different criteria for each job - Understanding, usage, and deployment of vector database, such as Pinecone, to store all the talent vectors Comparator Function: - The client has a rough idea of the requirements for the "comparator" function and is open to the freelancer&...

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    ...The data is presented as Binary adjacency matrices, with each group consisting of 30 subjects. Project Tasks: 1) Functional Connectivity Analysis: Identify and quantify differences in functional connectivity among the three groups. 2) Structural Connectivity Analysis: Determine and document the variance in structural connectivity within the dataset. 3) Properties Analysis: Investigate and compare the following properties across groups: Global-Small World Global-Efficiency Global-Rich-Club Global-Assortativity Global-Synchronization Global-Hierarchy Nodal-Clustering Coefficient Nodal-Shortest Path Length Nodal-Local Efficiency Nodal-Degree Centrality Nodal-Betweenness Centrality Nodal-Community Index Nodal-Participant Coefficient Modular-Interaction 4) Requirements: Proficien...

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    Project Description: Video Essay Comparative Films I am looking for a freelancer to create a video essay comparing contemporary films. The desired length for each video essay is 9-10 minutes. I would like to compare two contemporary films in the video essay. In total, I need one video essay to be created. I already have recorded audio with script Skills and Experience: - Strong video editing skills - Proficiency in creating engaging and informative content - Knowledge of contemporary films and their themes - Ability to analyze and compare films effectively - Attention to detail in capturing the essence of the films in the video essay - Creativity in presenting the comparison in a visually appealing manner If you have experience in creating video essays and are passionate ...

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    ...lectures in Arabic, maintaining the use of essential English terminology, to cover core topics in "Statistics for the Social Sciences" course. The tutor must be capable of comprehensively and clearly covering the following key areas: - Descriptive versus inferential statistics - Probability - Normal distributions and z-scores - Probability and null hypothesis significance tests - Compare two means: t-tests - Compare more than two means: ANOVA - Prediction: Correlation - Prediction: Regression - Categorical variables and non-parametric tests: Chi-square - Problems with NHST and modern methods Ideal candidates will have experience in teaching university students and be able to provide in-depth explanations within a two-day time frame. The goal is to master the m...

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    I am looking for a ...knowledge of ESG practices and governance principles - Experience in conducting comparative analysis of company practices - Familiarity with tools and software for data analysis and visualization - Ability to analyze and interpret complex data sets - Attention to detail and accuracy in reporting findings This project requires a thorough understanding of corporate governance and the ability to compare and evaluate different companies' practices. The freelancer should be able to identify and recommend the most suitable tool for conducting the analysis and provide insights and recommendations based on the findings. If you have experience in ESG analysis and are confident in your ability to identify and utilize the right tools for this project, please submit...

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    I need an AI tool to compare all the products on my site with another site and find matches.

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    The project involves analyzing a set of hyperpectral images and • exploring the data with mean spectra, mean images, false RGB images, PCA • masking the images • choosing and applying a relevant pretreatment (can be snv, smoothing, savitsky) • clustering with k means and interpret • classify the data between calibration and test set and analyze • discuss wavelengths or wavelength impact in classification needed are the code and some of the written analysis Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced proficiency in Matlab for image analysis - Strong understanding of mean spectra/images exploration, false RGB, PCA, masking data, pretreatments (SNV, Savitsky), clustering (k-means), classification, and wavelength analysis - Experience in working with large datase...

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    ... detergent fiber method, Bradford method, Kjeldahl method, Phenol-sulfuric acid method, atomic absorption spectroscopy, high performance liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, texture profile analyser Find 3 research papers measuring nutrient(s) (one or more nutrients measured in the experiment) in nuts and seeds sample. (with 1500 words) - Compare between the methods used in the paper and the methods used in the experiment (refer to the lab manual). - Comment on the advantages and limitations of methods used (For example, was the pre-preparation of the samples appropriate in the research? Is the length of the chromatography column same or different from the experiment (refer to lab manual)?) - What was the significance of the ...

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    I am looking for for Food, Travel, Rides & Movie Tickets. The app should be available on both iOS and Android platforms. Main functionality: - The app should primarily focus on the ability to compare prices of different options within the food, travel, rides, and movie ticket categories. Design preferences: - I would like the app to have a colorful and vibrant design. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. - Strong knowledge of app development frameworks and languages, such as Swift and Java. - Familiarity with APIs and web scraping to gather and compare prices from various sources. - Ability to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface. - Attention to detail in implementing the colorfu...

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    ...------------------------------------------------------- User Management User Registration Apply registration Reques via Web or Mobile [by Facebook, by Gmail or by Phne) If by Phone (Inpust {UserID(check uniqueness), FullName, Password) In All Type Registration a Referal code is there (ReferalCode Optional: previous user code) User Verification Admin View all Applied users and Compare Clients detail(email/mobileno) and Verify the User Ticket Management Valid User Logged in the Portal and Can Post their Problems ProblemID, Date (Auto) Problem Title Problem Description Image(s)/Vedio(s) Problem Category (1:Troubleshoot, 2:Update, 3:NewFeature) //comes from ta table RecordedBy (registered user) Agent Admin (here in Office) Views those Tickes Assigns...

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    I have hired another freelancer to integrate my chatbot with openAI tunned model (for this project purpose lets consider I am us...openAI site "upload jsonl file" to train the model. Which I have done it and its worked fine, got success message and report everything is fine). BUT none of the chatbot answers are correct. I need a freelancer that has good experience with open ai to create a SINGLE PHP file to send a static completion (hardcode at the file) using my API key and Model ID, to test if reply is correct so I can COMPARE the data of reply to the chatbot replies. If this file replies are correct (I repeat the model was trained using openai own chat feature to upload jsonl file) and the chatbot is not, I will have another job for you to help me fix my chatbot c...

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    I am looking for a Python developer to create a script that can compare two JSON APIs. The script should output a JSON response. API will have child and grandchild attributes. script/program should return missmatches . both attributes name and value missmatch. Note : avoid using new pip install. Specific requirements for handling API errors are not necessary. Standard error handling should be sufficient. There are no security measures or authentications needed for accessing the APIs as they are open APIs. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience working with JSON APIs - Knowledge of error handling in Python - Familiarity with comparing and analyzing data from multiple APIs.

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    Project Title: ATLAS Qualitative data analysis for Interview Purpose of the qualitative data analysis: - The purpose of the qualitative data analysis is to compare different responses from less than 10 interviews. - The analysis will involve identifying themes and patterns within the data. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in using ATLAS software for qualitative data analysis. - Strong analytical skills to compare and analyze different responses. - Experience in conducting qualitative research and data analysis. - Excellent written communication skills to create a comprehensive written report. Desired format of the analysis report: - The client requires a written report summarizing the findings of the qualitative data analysis. - The report should provide a detail...

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    Project Description: Compensation Position Benchmarks in the Healthcare Industry We are a healthcare company seeking to benchmark our executive roles' compensation positions against other companies in the industry. We aim to gather data from 6-10 companies to compare and evaluate our compensation strategies. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in conducting compensation benchmarking studies in the healthcare industry - Knowledge of executive roles and their compensation structures within healthcare organizations - Familiarity with data collection methods and tools to gather compensation data from multiple companies - Strong analytical skills to analyze and interpret the collected data - Ability to present the findings in a clear and concise manner, including r...

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    I have a 28 min video here. I already have the cinematography of the video in italian and the translation of the video in french. I need someone to dub the video for me. 1st - Sincronize the italian video with the french audio (you can compare both texts to sincronize) 2nd - Modify certain parts of the video that I will specify for you and I have the videos the change already done 3rd - Do the captions of the video in french Thanks

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    I already have the cinematography of the video in italian and the translation of the video in french. I need someone to dub the video for me. 1st - Sincronize the italian video with the french audio (you can compare both texts to sincronize) 2nd - Modify certain parts of the video that I will specify for you and I have the videos the change already done 3rd - Do the captions of the video in french Thanks

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a sportsbook API comparison...experience required for this job: - Proficiency in API integration and development - Experience in web scraping and data extraction - Knowledge of sportsbook APIs and their functionalities - Ability to create user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces - Strong problem-solving and debugging skills The ideal candidate should be able to understand my requirements and develop a tool that allows me to compare different sportsbook APIs based on various parameters such as odds, betting options, and available sports. They should also be able to provide support and maintenance for the tool in case any issues arise. Please include relevant examples of previous API integration projects or similar tools that you have ...

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    Design Formul...potential infringements or similarities with existing patents - Strong knowledge of patent law and regulations - Excellent research and analytical skills - Ability to design in AutoCAD - Attention to detail and ability to provide clear and concise reports Responsibilities: - Conduct a thorough search of existing patents in the technology field to identify similar concepts or designs - Analyze and compare our design patent with existing patents to determine potential infringements or similarities - Provide a detailed report outlining the findings of the patent landscape analysis - Provide a design using AutoCAD Please note that although we are not sure about specific competitors, it would be beneficial if the candidate has knowledge of key players in the technology...

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    Desktop Software App 1 hari left

    Desktop Software App This offline desktop app must be able to compare multiple versions of the same text, by giving a critical comparison in the footnotes Operating System Compatibility: - The software app should be compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Main Function: - The main function of the software app is Critical Edition. User-Friendliness: - The software app should be moderately user-friendly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing desktop software apps compatible with both Windows and Mac. - Strong knowledge and expertise in Critical Edition functionality. - Ability to create a moderately user-friendly interface.

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    I am looking for a freelancer coder who can help build a code to compare two files, one structured and the other unstructured. The structured file is in Excel format, while the unstructured file is in Audio format. Specifically, I need to compare the name and value between the two files. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and image file analysis - Strong attention to detail to accurately compare the name and value - Experience in data comparison and analysis - proficiency in python scripts If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    ...developer with a strong background in financial markets and algorithmic trading to develop a custom NinjaTrader 8 indicator. This indicator will focus on detecting order imbalances, market absorption points, and calculating key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the strength of price changes relative to buyer/seller participation. Key Features: Imbalance Detection: The indicator should compare the number of buyers to sellers at a given price level to identify significant imbalances. Absorption Detection: Identify areas where there is a high number of buyers or sellers, but the price does not move accordingly, suggesting large orders are absorbing market movement. KPI for Price Change Strength: A custom KPI should be developed to evaluate how strongly the price change is...

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    ...features that I want to include on the website are: - Customer support chat: I want to provide real-time assistance to potential customers and answer their queries regarding the finance products. - Online payment system: The website should have a secure and user-friendly online payment system to facilitate smooth transactions. - Product comparison tool: I want to provide a tool that allows users to compare different finance products and make informed decisions. In terms of design and style, I prefer a dynamic and interactive look for the website. It should be visually appealing and engaging for users. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in building e-commerce websites with ...

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    Automobile Website 11 jam left

    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create an automobile website for me. The website will have the following features: - Car listing: Users should be able to browse and search for cars on the website. - Car comparison tool: Users should be able to compare different cars side by side. - Car financing calculator: Users should be able to calculate the financing options for a car. I prefer a modern design for the website, with a clean and sleek look. It should be minimalistic in nature. It is important that the website is mobile-friendly, as a significant number of users will be accessing it through their mobile devices. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in developing ...

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    FlowMeter101 Tamat left

    Ultrasound Algorithm Description: Input: The input to the Algorithm is an output of an ultrasonic water flow sensor which is an audio signal. Algorithm: The needed algorithm should find the flow rate of the water from the input audio. It is the calculated flow rate. Output bench: The calculated flow rate will compare to measured flow rate from a scale (which is derivation of the weight). Accuracy: Absolute accuracy of the flow rate is less important. The relative accuracy, the changes of the flow rate, must be high as possible. Samples files: Couples of files consist of an audio file (Samples rate up to 11000/Sec) with matched weight file from a scale (Samples rate=10/Sec). We will provide couples’ files as required.

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    ...simple output that says - 56% match At the end of the script run, I need the results exported into a CSV. It should show the highest matching image and format will be sourcedirectory/sourceImg, incomingdirectory/incomingIMG, % match I can also supply a sample CSV once we are moving forward. I can use mysql if it is needed. I can also supply source files and several sample files to compare to. To be considered for this job: - To prove you are not a bot, on the first line of your proposal, put the answer to the math question 2+2 - The bid you submit needs to be the bid you will honor. Don't submit a bid and then talk with me for 30 minutes, only to ask what I want to pay. I will stop talking with you as you just wasted my time and report you. So make sure your bid ...

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    ...including entry and exit points, trade size, and profit/loss. This should be applicable for intraday, swing and options category. - Performance analytics: I need the website to provide me with detailed analytics and reports on my trading performance, including metrics such as win/loss ratio, average profit/loss, daily profit/loss, weekly day wise comparison, monthly analysis by selecting dates to compare my profit and loss and overall performance. - I need the details that can be exported to excel or csv for my further analytics - I need to sign up for journal so that I can maintain data individually for different account and it should show data for Intraday, Swing and options for entering my trading data. - I have attached a sample design for reference. Design Preference: -...

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    ...….. 9. At this point, check the report by going to Generate Reports. Note anything you believe is missing. Name the generated report “Report 1” 10. Save your Model as “Model 1”. Part II: Model with trust boundaries 1. Open “Model 1”. 2. Add a Trust Box to your Model 1; Put both the File Sharing Application and the File Store inside the box. 3. Save your Model as “Model 2” 4. Analyze the Model. Compare the list of identified threats in Model 1 to the list of identified threats in Model 2. 5. Fill the Model Information from the File Menu; the model name, your names,….. 6. At this point, check the report by going to Generate Reports. Note anything you believe is missing. Name the generated report “Report 2” 7....

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    Need an expert in Power Automate to create the following Flow: Flow 1) - At 9AM everyday Check Outlook 365 Calendar for todays appointments/events - Check body message of calendar events for any events that start with the text "Today you will need to call XXXXXXXXXX" - Copy the XXXXXXXXX number from previous step and compare it to a spreadsheet to find the corresponding name, email address & comments - Send an email to myself using Outlook 365 with a list of the calendar events along with the information from the spreadsheet - Repeat daily

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    I don't understand Facebook Ads. Sometimes they run excellent or they are zero. I need someone who knows what they are doing to build me one ad so I can see your work. If you do a great job, I will keep you on for all future projects. How are FB Ads optimized? I have no clue. I NEED A PRO to build 1 ad from beginning to end so that I can see your best work. I've be...your best work. I've been doing ENGAGEMENT Ads. Do you see a better way? I just need CONSISTENT LEADS. Attached you will see some target areas here in the USA. I need someone to work every innovative way possible to show me how good they are. I have 1 ad already running. The new ad, that you build, will have a budget of $20 a day. I want your ad to run while mine is running so that I can compar...

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    Analysis of the Organization – Organization-Level and Business Unit Strategies A. What are the current organization-level strategies? Business unit strategies? B. How are the strategies aligned with the goals? C. Compare this organization’s strategies with those of competitors. D. Use SWOT analysis and Gap analysis to suggest strategies. E. Evaluate strategies (advantages & disadvantages of each strategy). F. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) Analysis of the Organization – Functional Strategies A. Marketing – Finance – Operations – Purchasing – Human Resources – Information Systems B. How well are the functional strategies aligned?

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    I am looking an experienced React.js/Node.js developer to build a web application that allows users to compare two HTML documents. The primary goal is to identify and visualize modifications such as insertion, deletion, replacements, and paragraph movement between the two versions. Key Features: Comparison Functionality: ● Identify and highlight differences between two HTML documents (not tags only text). ● Detects and displays insertion, deletion, replacements, and paragraph movement. Text/Paragraph Manipulation: ● Provide options to replace or copy selected text or paragraphs from one version to another. Technology Stack: ● React.js for the frontend. ● Node.js for the backend (optional). Use of Open Source Packages: ● Developers are encouraged to utilize open source packages ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a document that compares the performance and cost of Redshift serverless and Redshift provisioned. The purpose of this document is to help me make a decision between the two options. I want the comparision in terms of query time, pricing, warm up time and compare with Redshift provisioned and redshift serverless. Specific dimensions that I would like to compare include speed, cost, and scalability. The target audience for this document is technical experts. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong knowledge of Redshift serverless and Redshift provisioned - Experience in conducting performance and cost comparisons - Ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner

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    I am in need of a freelancer to review and correct an OCR document. The project details are as follows: The document is available via Google Docs, displaying the images and the corresponding OCR texts (that have some mistakes made by the automatic OCR engine). The task is to compare both texts and make the neccesary adjustments to the OCR text such that both texts are identical (except for formatting, which is irrelevant). Because the document is long and the time needed to review it completely is not easy to estimate, we ask to spend 15 hours on it, trying to process as much text as possible. The 15 hours can be distributed across 3 days, to fit the convenience of the freelancer. Skills required: - Strong attention to detail - Proficient in editing and handling of documents - Ab...

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    Hello Looking for a support to do the project in ansys simulation , i have design files but i can share too,need to determine the number density function via population balance modelling and compare the number density function with the experimental number density as i send you the data for it and compare results should be less than 10 % Regards Budget is 50$

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    ...(5 stars, 4 stars….. etc) Product detail page add to cart Compare against other product colours and variants (depends on the product some products do not have variants) Set quantity (depends on Unit of Measurement) supplier details terms and conditions for the product (delivery and warranty) share to socials zoom in lens when hovered over the product picture Search bar (searches among all products) User (login/logout) only registered user can checkout *****B2B customers**** (Tax registration number and Commercial registration number are required) Address book Shipping and billing details Payment method Contact information Location information (using IP address) Wishlist Cart Quick view of the product catalogue page Compare functionality Contact page ( creat...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me capture screenshots of websites in different responsive sizes. The purpose of this project is to compare website layouts. Specifically, I have a list of websites that I would like to have full page screenshots taken of totally 258 unique URLS. For each URL, I require screenshots in 3 different responsive sizes. (1440px, 1024px, 360px) Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in capturing screenshots - Knowledge of website responsiveness and different screen sizes - Attention to detail to ensure accurate and high-quality screenshots. Screenshots should be captured in PNG format. The list of URLs will be provided in a google sheet.

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    Simple task to organize document from the pdf file Total there are 4 PDF File 1. 2022 A 2. 2022B 3. 2023 A 3. 2023B ........................................................ I need you to sort out the details. Compare 2022 A PDF with 2022 B See Attach for example (See the arrow) AIRBNB INC From B to A ANSYS INC From C to B ........................................................ From B to A From C to B From D to B From E to C From E to B ........................................................ 2022 A & 2022 B Total: 22 Pages 2023 A & 2023 B Total: 26 Pages ........................................................ ALL PRICE IN SGD Dollars

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    ...Needed for Utility Comparison Website I am looking for a skilled website developer to create a utility comparison website. The website will allow users to compare different utility providers and their rates. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in WordPress development - Experience in creating e-commerce websites - Strong design skills to create engaging and user-friendly interfaces - Ability to integrate payment gateways for users to make transactions Project Requirements: 1. Design and develop a responsive and visually appealing website using WordPress. 2. Create a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily compare utility providers and their rates. 3. Integrate a secure payment gateway for users to make transactions. 4. Create custom graphics and cont...

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    Business card Tamat left

    I am looking for a freelancer to design a business card for me (3 similar options to compare). The desired size of the business card is standard (3.5"x2"). I would like the business card to include my name, contact details, job title, and company logo. I have specific colors and a design style in mind. Skills and Experience: - Graphic design - Experience designing business cards - Proficiency in Photoshop or Illustrator

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    php script creation. php script for ordering products from a webshop at runtime compare xml price lists of 3 wholesalers based on 4 filters (factory number , stock and stock and price) After filtering, generate an xls file with the item number and quantity of the products to be purchased and the excel name should be the wholesaler name. For example: after run order 3 products from wholesaler 1, 9 from wholesaler 2 and 4 from wholesaler 3

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    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create a booking website specifically for bookings. I have a few key features in mind that I would like to be included in the website. The target audience for the website will be leisure travelers / government contracts. Key features: - User-friendly interface for easy navigation and booking process - Search functionality to find and compare hotels based on location, date, and price - Detailed hotel listings with photos, descriptions, amenities, and reviews - Secure online payment system for booking confirmation - User registration and login system for personalized experiences and access to booking history - Responsive design for optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile devices Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in web...

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